It was time to leave the place as I was done with my work. I took the front seat of the bus and my journey began. Sitting alone I started feeling the love of the night breeze that hit my soul through the window. Travelling plus iPods playing with the highest volume is something that is inseparable and indispensable for all those who travel. And I was no exception to this!

Those scenes that passed by the window was a pleasure to my mind and eyes after returning from hectic and pressurized schedule.But the whispering of the breeze and my playlist gave a different feel that was more appealing. Even then I somehow managed to control my emotions. Regardless of my efforts,the touch of the cold breeze made me fall for his memories again and again.

Probably it was the glimpse of the lovely days that we spent together. I was almost half way to the conference hall to attend the morning session of my conference, remembering the things that I have to do. That was my first conference indeed the first day when I meet him. I rushed towards the conference hall as I was running out of time and suddenly my eyes got struck with his. I stood there stunningly looking at him. “How can I help you” he asked with confusions, as I was constantly looking his eyes. “Hmm…..Nothing” was my reply as I was messed up in his sight.

Inside the conference hall we were allotted the seats and to my surprise he was the one who was seated next to me. A kind of feel where I was happy and nervous at the same time and still that felling can make me blush whenever I think. Initially the talk was with little hesitation and nervousness. But the conference was planned for 3 days and that gave space for us to get little closer. At the end of the conference day we exchanged our mobile numbers.

Days passed and we talked to each other as we were ever before. We eventually became close and even more closer. We exchanged all our thoughts and shared all our daily happenings. We started talking for hours without even getting tired. The way he cared for me and my feelings dragged me very close to him. “Such a kind hearted soul, you are blessed to have him idiot” I told myself blushingly.

One fine day ,“Your crush……??” he asked knowingly. “My crush………” I continued, and acted as if I don’t get him. “Don’t act like you don’t get me…..I am your crush, your love and everything…..Don’t ever dare to utter anyone’s name” he winked. That’s were love showed up unannounced and uninvited.

Calendar turned it’s page and we became an integral part of each other’s life. Even the notification “Battery Low” was not able to wind up our late night chats. We talked like as if, it was the last day we were able to talk. His actions and affectionmade me believe that I was his priority and everything. And he happened to be the best thing in my life, something more than anything that I would brief.

In due course, things happened as if they are not expected. Fights and controversies started filling the spaces of love and affection. Felt like I was completely detached from him for no reason. We talked to each other rarely and occasionally. I was not able to bear the distance that was ruining our closeness. I knew that he was moving away from me for a reason that he was not able to convey me. I decided to give him his space and we didn’t talk for months.

And this cold breeze made me recapture our moments of togetherness that never fails feed my mind every single second. Eyes filled with tears, heart filled with my love for him and mind wondering about where things went wrong I got down the bus and walked all my way to the hostel.Still I was not able to console my heart which kept aching for his presence. No one was able to bring me out of this situation.

I forced myself to have my dinner and after which I took a look at my mobile. The notification popped “Are you there?”………… “Always” I texted back blushingly.

“Yeah! It was him!!!” I got myself and our togetherness back .We felt our love gain.He is mine for a reason for nobody was able to bring me back but his text did it within a fraction of second. True love has it’s own way of coming back!!!!



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Thank you @ Mi
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Great ! Captivating, engaging, emotional, heart wrote experience of a lots of people, if we ignore the ending..!! ;-)(......Because things do not come back for everyone..sometimes only memories revert...:-((. I wish I had the same ending as yours.