Room 4

With the hope"if i start, i will write

In an old village, there was an old well, where all women from old established there mark in the history of the well. Generations were changing, village was expanding but the well remained same. though the well remained same, there was a room, which by forthcoming generations from the first keep on adding and additional room, and made it a house, and home by the residents. old room was getting older and older with the age of well and the frequent new arrivals of new passengers. at present since the house is enough for the residants a couple entered that room since their new marriage held. the room was little seperated from the house, the residents of house was an old couple and the new couple was of room. the man and women was happy as they morning rose, to well walked together to bring drinking water in evening to spend some time together. specifically this room was very nearby to the well whereas other houses were distant.there were never any old stories about that well so hence the well was ghost free. but their must be something in room. so the life of the new couple was passing peacefully bt since peaceful lifes are in fairy tales, our story has a twist. once upon a tme, whenr the village was very ssmall and the houses were fistful, there was a traveller travelled a long way in search of food and wife may be. a dn was thirstily found a well he drank its water he was happy.for few day he stayed camped there. the place was good the water was tasty and the cvillage was small hence full of resources he decidd to stay there. as the day were passing he found a beauty to be with from the village. the result of their marriage is the room they built to stay. since the village was small the wild was near, after spending decades the couple died of wild attack, child was braught up by villagers, and the chain continued. since there was no murder nothing there was or is no curse no ghost haunting. it was the room which has bring them wealthy prosperty and our couple is wealthy prosperous and happy. soon they are each blessed with a child. as the chain myst go on his parents died one night. even he and his wife has to die one day he thought, left the room and went to house to live. after few days he felt that to erase the room since it was too old and old fashioned too. this word has passed to the whole villagers. the old of the villagers said that the mand who lived in the room was very good. equal to the god, very omnious to ou village his memoir should not be beaten to bricks. he thought it might be correct even the room might be blessed so he erased the thought to erase the room from his mind.even his wife told him not to do so because their early married life was spent spend time with his wife went to the room the room was so rigid and strong even after centuries. they thought. after some time they observed that some bricks are in some certain fashion arranged. after that they shifted to the house the room was empty and lonely.

they thought to pick out the odd bricks out they did few but went to lunch by postponing the work of picking bricks. in th eevening again both man and wife fcame to pick the bricks they picked all they were some 12 bricks. after they found an wooden plank, which they pulled out. there were some books very old with ink written in old handwriting on very old sheets of paper, combined to books. 110 am.some 123 books were there each of size a brick 6 of each written by man and his wife. they thought that each man and wife would have written them their ideas feelings and love to each other and might have kept. they thought of reaing books, they distributed 6 among each of men to man. and wife to wife respectively. after reading few days one day they both were in fear and thought to sit and to was the same day the old couple wrote this shocking incident in their books it was very strange to happen even in old days. couple was together for this event. the event was expressed two in two various mnners.

the man

it was the dark night

only th e moon was bright

we were on th edoor

straight looking into the poor

strangers two near the well

not from one village as well

with their heights same

about 3 feet both came

from where we don't

know but on the well sat

till the focus of moon

they are present but soon

they fade

as moon light in shade

we thought the spirit

the soul came might

but as they stared us

we feared thus

but we stared them

straight to eyes as gem

they both disseappeared

into our room we entered.

the wife.

there are two strangers

of 3 feet height

we see them with fears

but they with delight

soon we stared them

they dissappeared

our eyes as gem

with we cried

in haste and fear

we entered the house

awith candle light clear

i see my spouse

i jump to him

to hug tight

he takes me to him

now i have no fright.

1-30 am

the next day they enquired about any deaths have occured earlier near the well. the villagers say no. since the night is dark and wild roar none is near the well in night and whoever lied died at home.

these were the last notes they have written in those books. so the present man and wife left those books they assumed that few things do happen which are might be rediculous to listen or to read or to see and write but somethings do happen vividly.

since that ady for few weeks they observed every evening the well but since it was generations now even in night the well was busy so they thought it will be impossible to watch any sort of spirits...

so they left the thoughts and lived happily till the end...