I believe I am betrayed by the society the one on which I have written a poem in context with the contest on

I strongly believe that I have been betrayed and from centuries everyone is being betrayed by the same. Hmm... It is tough to believe the fact you know, which lies in some corner of your heart which you have never thought 'may be'! Then why don't you think and believe the fact that you all have been betrayed and betraying me as a part of society.

Let me show you an example from Wikipedia:

History is something told to us by someone who lived before us. The things told to us is what one has seen, observed and experienced and thought would help the future generations ("was it the fact or the fiction"). I strongly believe that the one who told us something was what he wanted to show us regarding the world. His view, his vision, his perception 'only'. I believe the fact that it is not necessary for one to spread word the book is the only option which means the stories are passed on to generations orally which in transparent manner shows that the facts were changed from time to time and stories have been told, retold, re-re told. (Agreed?).

I should even say, history is manipulation of the powerful over weak to prove the blood. "The greed of the woman always ruled the history" It is told to us. Isn't it the shade of one's life? One angle, one's vision and perception with his age and wisdom utilized in the writing or the oral word who preach and pray. This is what history is! The practice of what was great and was important or thought to be important because of it's greatness at that particular time. Yes!.

By now, hope you understand my views on what history is and the facts we need to understand.

I finally conclude by saying that history is a blank sheet of paper where we can interpret history in our own terms as history is the same practice.