5-9-16 short story 2 ADULT

I was sitting on the park bench

Watching bdsm

And she has come...

She is no one to me

But angry.

I was unable to hide myself

Nor to match her eyes.

I know myself

Never wrong.

But she is an Indian.

Even she was not

But her environment.

I am calm

I am quiet.

She stood in front of me

I asked her to sit

"Which was my... true dare"

She took my mobile

Opened lingerie

And said, 'This should be your limit'.

I agreed with a innocent nod.

By looking the way she transformed her anger to my desire.

I was left with no choice to deny or speak for myself.

She said "thank you".

I stopped her and asked her to spend some time

Which she agreed.

I was happy and started walking in park

Next on road.

On road,

A car driver was so rash

That he hit us.

"We were unable to fall in love"

It was blood of mine and her.

But none of us are dead!

She was not a kid to cry

Nor immature to say good bye.

Took me to the park

Behind a tree to kiss me.

The kiss I am thinking of now.