What it is??? ADULT***

I was wandering

I've seen donkeys fucking

The donkey had a dark black penis

And was similar to mine in shape

I thought to pet them

Milk them and sell

I made a hut in the nearby valley

Soon a lady, by herself stared milking

It was everyday

I observed those animals fucking

One day her sister arrived

And began milking

Just then an ass started

Penitrating, she giggled

I was surprised

She continued

I just waited

Didn't react

When she's come to me

With indefinable, indescribable expressions

I waited

And she bathed in the milk

Fluids made her clothes

And untied the knots

She sat beside me

And hugged me

Even she was not sure

What to do

She pinched me

And I tried to escape

But her continuous kisses

Made me erotic

I couldn't stop myself

From her wet breasts

Her warm thighs

And bushy genitals

I smelled, I smiled

I rubbed, I licked

She was moaning

And asking for more

And her thirst was unending

Her waist, was evaporating the milk

She was slippery

She was flexible

In all angles

She was adjustable

And I was approachable...

I was aware that my semen

Entered her vagina

She swallow my semen

In the second round

And I've tasted her

Vaginal discharge

The third time

I bite her vagina

It was bleeding

But she was happy

Looking at it

She took all the blood

She tasted it

And inserted her fingers in my mouth

We were done with sex

the teasing has begun

I fingered her ass

She plucked my genital hair

I bite her nipples off

And she bite my chest

With the blood and the milk

We exchanged our fluids

With the wild moon

Our sweat has wet the bed

After all these

We fall asleep.

The elder sister has come

In the evening with the red sky

As usual, she was milking

I asked her about her sister

She said, "she's tired

After yesterday's Sex

She's pregnant too!"

Then we should get married.

I can not leave her now.

Let us go to her.

Before that, I'd like to know

What exactly has happened yesterday?

"I don't know, not sure, how exactly..."

She was waiting

She quietly went into the room

And called him

They both settled in the flickering candles

And the moon is yet to go wild today

She untied her blouse

And enquired

Whether her sister's breasts

Attracted him?

He denied.

She raised her legs up

And enquired whether her sister's

Thighs made him erect?

He said affirmly, "it all happened

Watching the animals."

Then she asked, "why didn't you touch

Me in these many days?"

"Yesterday, I could not stop myself

As she was dominating."

- One evening, her husband beat her

She began crying

It took two moons

And she stopped crying

Both of them did not move from bed

Nor did I

When she smiled

To tease her

He pulled out her clothes

She didn't feel shy

She has opened her legs

But he didn't touch

She went upside down

But they didn't had oral

She asked him to pluck her hair

He did and she moaned

She moaned till the morning sun

And swallow his semen

And torn his penis

His bleeding penis has sufficed her thirst

- other evening, I've seen a wife beating her husband because he was drunk

Other people beat him too

Because he was helpless

By pulling his legs

She took him to her house

He cried and cried

After four hours when he was about to collapse, she asked, "y the fick do you become a drunkard?" "Because, I've seen you romancing men!" He replied.

She took a knife and cut both her breasts

And asked him to penetrate both breasts

It was because of her pride

And the beauty of her breasts

Others have asked

And her lust

Requiring more sex than he could give

- I've observed many oxes, with their erectile penises out were fighting to fuck a cow. Judging the ceviourity the cow asked every ox to penitrate

And was bleeding throughout the night

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I could not relate any of these stories or the characters to our life in these days. Only thing I observed was that, you never had lust in your eyes.

I've always lived in valleys and mountains from childhood

I've seen both men and women

Undressing, licking and sucking


I've even seen both of them urinate in

Each other's mouths to wet their thirst.

I've seen all kind of animals, all species of animals doing this.

Still, I'm not sure about the things that happened yesterday!!!

I've always seen you in the clothes only covering half portion of your body.

I've observed you pressing your breasts whenever ass was fucking the donkeys.

I've observed you spitting in the glass of milk you was offering to me, maybe you've done this for several days.

I've even observed you trying to squeeze milk of your breasts to the glass you was offering me. Two weeks ago, you've shaven your genitals and I could see your vagina between your fleshy thighs.

I don't know how you got that scratch, a huge one on your left thigh which is almost like a cut mark. I've even seen two moles on your right nipples.

Still I was not erected.

I don't know how it happened yesterday?

Maybe, because she has initiated and was dominating!!!

She went running to the room after listening to this. And her sister arrived. She has enquired about her sister firstly.

And he pointed the finger towards the room.

She went inside and observed that her sister was bleeding red blood. She could understand. She shouted, Harsha, Harsha. I was shocked and ran when the door got shut again.

She said, "for the first time, my vagina was wet, ejaculating fluids. I heard his words and felt myself more into him. Imagined to show him everything, which I did yesterday. Just then my periods begin, hence is the blood." She cried.

Listening to this the younger sister remembered yesterday and shyly went into hay. She begun undressing herself I. The hay and started calling me. I've seen her in a condition which I can't believe. She was rubbing her hands all over her breasts from her vagina and the hay was sticking to her. I was unsure about the things happening. I took the milk and threw on her. Tasting that she grew wilder. She took this as positive sign from me. The elder sister observed this and was crying more.

Among these shouts and noises the asses have come to hay and one ass literally licked and fucked the younger sister. While the other donkeys were braying.

One or two went towards the room and ate all the period blood.

I made a milk well and drowned both of them for the whole night. Next day they got fever. I made them lay nude on the beds and gave them the warmth. The younger sister was screaming remembering the ass Fucking her because the penis was too huge for her.

I put all the painkiller ointments on her vagina. The next morning elder sister woke up healthy and applied the mixture of honey, jaggery and turmeric on her sister's vagina.

She went to him and sat beside him rubbing his penis and apologizing.

"How may I help you?" was my question.

"I've expressed my love to you. It is your decision now. I want all of us to be happy!" She pleaded.

That evening they were sitting outside, after both woman has done milking. They observed the asses fucking donkeys. And the girls were licking my penis while I was licking both of their asses and vagina.

Sometimes, the girls go to the asses and feel their dark black penises and come back to me together asking for sex.

Now we urinate everyday but only in each other's mouths.

And the girls discharge fluids everyday.

We drink lot of milk and bath too.

We all are happy now