Distance and digital education

For the sake of money, the need of earning in a middle class family, lack of interest and lack of opportunity leads to no option better than distance and digital education.

Getting better education with time and need for growth is another matter of consideration. In India there're lot of Universities which provide distance education. They're also known as open Universities.

One among is IGNOU. Along with many state universities, anyone can do courses from any of these at less cost.

Let me discuss an example of myself.

From 2013-2016, I was doing my Hindi pandit course from Dakshin Bharati Hindi Prachaar Sabha.

Now, I'm doing my MA in English from Annamalai University at 5000 per year with five subjects. I'm provided with five years to finish ten subjects. Isn't this so cheap and best. Even the time period is so that we can finish the course leasurely. Yes, this is how the open University works; so is the distance education and learning system. We can do lot of available courses through the distance education system. B.A, BSc, B Com, and all Post graduation courses.

Especially for the promotion or to get the ranks and designations in the organisations, the people from the cities are doing MBA. By doing MBA, people think that they can easily get through the interviews, but it becomes difficult because they are unaware of basic things or skills.

Digital education:

Just search on Google and you can find thousands of international universities providing you education and certificates digitally . i.e through internet.



while, YouTube provides you all the content for practice.

We can learn art, poetry, photography, sketches, videography, article writing and many other things for free. Music courses, practicing them continuously will lead to gain certain knowledge.

For practice of poetry, you can login to allpoetry.com, photography-viewbug, photocrowd.

For sketches and illustrations you can check with Pinterest and eatsleepdraw.

Tumblr, medium, LinkedIn are apps which will support you to post links and let people follow.

Of course, Facebook and Instagram are best but the ease is by posting things in relative media.

To learn about life and philosophy and the world, you can use stranger apps like whisper.

Implementation of the things you see and learn immediately is very great approach which will be awarded in future.

Hope you all will follow!


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