• The quality management techniques used along with new software techniques have led to significant improvements in the level of software quality.

  • The software management for software system is applied with concerns. These are:

  1. Organizations level: At this level the quality management is concerned with establishing frame work of organizational processes and standards. That means quality management team is responsible for deciding the software development processes used and quality standards.

  2. Project level At this level quality management is concerned with applying specific quality processes and checking that planned processes have been followed.

  3. Project level The quality management at this level is concerned with establishing the quality plan for the project.

  • The quality team must be independent from development team so that they analyze the software system without any compromise . This allows to report on software quality without being influenced by software development issues.

Quality plan

  1. Quality planning can e defined as the process in which the quality plan for the project is prepared. It must include the desired software qualities and description on how to access these qualities.

  2. Quality plan must be helpful in producing high quality software.

  3. Quality plan must select appropriate organisational standards for the software product.

  4. Humphrey had outline the structure of quality plan and it as given below:

  • Product introduction- In this section the product description must be given. The end of this product and expected qualities of the product must also be mentioned.

  • Plans -Product schedule and deadlines must be specified in this section. Responblities for the product along with the plan can also be mentioned under this section.

  • Description- The development and service processes required for the product development and management must be described under this section.

  • Quality goals -Under this section quality goals and plans for the product are specified. Along with this, justification for the attributes of critical product can also be given.

  • Risk identification and management - The key risks that can affect the quality of the product must be identified and specified under this section.Along with these risks there should be the description of the corrective actions for managing such risks.

  • The quality plan must be as short as possible.

  • Scope of Quality Management

  1. Quality management- is very much important for large complex project. The quality documentation is a record of progress and supports continuity of development as the development team changes.

  2. For smaller systems , quality management requires documentation.

Software quality

  1. Quality means the criteria in which product should meet the specification . But the focus of software quality should be fitness for purpose rather than specification conformance.

  2. That means the quality management team has to consider whether or not the software is fit for it's intended purpose.