Wanna Study Engineering ? Are You Sure ?

Souveek Kurmi
Jul 15, 2019   •  16 views

Curious about why the title is in the form of a question ? Well, that's because I asked the same question to myself when I finished my 12th. I am going to share my experiences and the lessons that engineering taught me. Gotta tell you guys one thing, these 4 yearsof engineering will be the most complicated phase of your life, full of best and worse memories.

Well, just after finishing my 12th standard, I had this option to take a break for 1 year (drop year) and prepare for the entrance exams to get a chance at top colleges. My dad asked me: "Do you think you can get into the top colleges by dropping a year ?", to which I simply replied: "NO...". I was pretty sure he meant, " Kuch ukhaad payega drop leke ? ". We both agreed that I should not take break if I am not confident enough. I am very much interested in programming and computer stuff, that's why I chose Engineering.

That's it, I took several entrance exams and finally got admission in one of the Engineering Colleges.

This is where it all began, 1st year of Engineering, each and every student was full of excitement and enthusiasm, so was I.

Most of the students think that engineering is easy and they can complete it easily. Well, that's what I thought. That's not at all the case. Engineering will break you apart. Those assignments, lectures, projects, seminars, internships, placements, and most importantly EXAMS! These will sometimes make you leave engineering ( and if you listen to me, in case you start to think that you can't take all these pressures and can't handle engineering, during the first year, better leave ! Leave while its the first year because once you get into the second year, it'll be really hard for you to leave, as you'll lose 2 years because of that. )

Most students take up engineering because of society's, relatives' and parents' pressure, even though they are not at all interested in engineering. And when they get bad results during the first year, they get depressed, and this results in bad performance in the upcoming exams, which in turn, destroys their self confidence and college life.

You'll have to do a lot of hard work to successfully complete these 4 years. You have to go through a lot of emotional and mental stress. But you know what gives you the strength and support to tolerate all this stress and boosts up your mood ???? 'Friends'. Probably the best thing about my college experience was that I made really good friends. They started off as 'Friends' and by the end of 4 years, they became 'Family'. They were by my side throughout these years with all their support. They played a huge role in helping me successfully complete my engineering.

Remember, don't take Engineering by force. Only go for it if you're really interested. In case you decided to go for it, I must tell you, these 4 years will be full of twists and turns, ups and downs, happy and depressing moments. All you have to do, is "SURVIVE".