5 Ways To Style The Same Shirt

Soumita Sen
May 28, 2019   •  72 views

How many times do we stand in front of our closets and rant about the fact that we have NOTHING to wear? I know it. Well that’s when blogs like this, come in handy. No we definitely don’t want to wear the same clothes again, but what we can do is style them differently. If you have that one basic shirt or plaid shirt or any shirt to begin with, here are five very different ways you can style them:

1)Layer it up

Yes, layer it up. Wear a basic tank top or a graphic tee inside and keep the buttons open. It makes for the perfect casual look for a day out, or even if you want to ape those perfect airport looks that the celebrities pull off! Pair it with a casual pair of denims or high waist leggings and you are good to go.

2)Pair it with your dresses

Is your wadrobe filled with chic dresses which you can’t possibly wear on a casual day out? Tone it down by layering it with a casual shirt. Not only does it change the entire look of the outfit but also helps cover those love handles and stubborn arm fat you desperately want to get rid of.

3)Wear it like an off-shoulder top

Off-shoulder tops are all the more rage now and what better way to sport one without spending extra money? Wear your casual shirt, get two buttons down and just push it over the shoulder. Voila, your very own, very chic version of the off-shoulder trend.

4)Wear it with culottes or bell-bottoms

For a more formal look, pair your shirt with the wide legged culottes or bell-bottoms. Not only is it very comfortable, but it gives the appearance of long legs and a well accentuated waistline.

5)The good old original way

Wear it with a good pair of denims, tucked in or knotted at the front, or maybe simply the way it is. You may accessorize it with silver hoop earrings or layered chains. Even a good white sneaker is a great accessory with the simple yet effortlessly fashionable outfit.