Where did the superstitions come from? Was it like our ancestors saw something strange that they started believing it? Or was it like they saw some magic that they trust these superstitions? Should we trust superstitions? Are they worth trusting? Are they completely true? Is it just a belief it has some connections with our lives? We often hear people saying that if a black cat crosses your path you are not supposed to take that path because it brings a bad luck. Should we really do that? Aren't black cats like every other animal or is it so that they have some powers which will make our day bad? People in the olden days believed these things but now we should not continue this.

Live in reality

We live in 21st century and our life works on science and in this world of science there is nothing as superstition. If someone sneezes while going somewhere then one should wait for a while and then can continue. How can a sneeze decide your luck? You should not cut your nails on Tuesday and that too not even after the sunset. These things have no logic. You should only wear blue coloured clothes, they will bring you luck. How can a color decide your luck? How is that even possible? You should hang a lemon and green chillies in front of the house so it will keep you safe from an evil. Do lemon and green chillies make the demons run away? Wear this stone or keep it next to you, it will protect and good luck will be on their way. How can a non-living thing protect a person? How can we even think that we will get protected by a stone? These are superstitious beliefs. They are completely impractical. These beliefs have no logic behind them.

Don't follow them

Many people in our locality follows these logic less beliefs. Instead of being practical, they believe to what the priests say. Just to earn few bucks, these priests make you believe in the superstition. Many people in the village want son in their house so they follow some instructions given by the priest. How can a priest make a girl child into boy? Is that even possible? There's nothing like good luck and bad luck in life. It all depends on your hard work and determination. Do not believe these things unless and until there's a logic behind them. If you haven't seen these things happen, don't believe them. They are not worth believing. Believing superstitions are just waste of time and money. How does believing superstition make sense? How can someone blindly believe these things? How can people have this much time and money to spend on supertitious things?