An introduction to space

Unit is something that is limited in size be it a tiny blade of grass or the biggest planet. All the units we have studied so far : human being, animals, plants, atoms and molecules are countable. There is another reality called 'space ' .we generally don't pay attention to this reality becaUse it is not a unit. We cannot touch it or smell it, but that doesn't mean it does not exist. Space exists everywhere, it is all around us.


If we want to understand all the levels of our living. We need the know correct meaning of 'existence '. Existence is the sum total of all the units that exists I'm mature and space as well.

so , Existence =space + units (in space )
nature is compared of four orders and each unit of every order viz. Material, plant/bio,animal and human order 'exist in space' or they 'are in space ' .we can also say that they are 'submerged in space '.

nature =four orders (material, plant /bio, animal and human order)
existence =nature submerged in space.

Co-existence of units in space

The state in which two or more groups live together while respecting their differences and resolving their conflicts non-violently is known as 'co-existence '

thus ,co-existence is -

1).to exist together (in time /space) and to exits in mutual tolerance.
2).to learn to recognise and live with difference
3).to have a relationship between people or groups in which none of the entities us trying to destroy the others.

although space is not a unit. It exists a reality.All the units in nature are submerged
in Space .
let us now discuss the various attributes of units and space.

'limited ' and 'unlimited' :
nature has four orders and there are units in each order. Each unit is finite and limited in size. The size ranges from being really small (atom) to really big (galaxies)

space ,on the other hand, is unlimited. Space. Has no size unlike units. It is not bounded. So,there us no beginning or end of spaCe. There is space behind us, inside us, front of us, it is all around us.

thus, we can say that :

  • Space pervades is 'all -pervading '

  • units ,on the other hand do not pervade I.e they are not all pervading.

'Activity and No-activity':

Each unit or entity of all the four orders is dynamic and active. Every unit does some kind of activity, be it a physical activity, physico-chemical activity or a sentient activity.

space on the other hand has no activity. There is no empty space between two entities and it does not have any activity. For example, the particles of gases and dust (units) present in the air are active, but there is no activity in space.

Thus we can say that :

  • When something is 'active ' or has activity, it can be called as a unit.

  • There is no activity in space.

Existence is co-existence

Our family, society, nature and space, let us understand the interconnectedness between all these units and space. In space, the units are mutually -fulfillimg to other unit. This is known as being in CO -existence.

The existence is 'units submerged in space ' .The units are of two types I.e. material (Insentient)

and consciousness (the sentient 'I')