94% Engineering Graduates Are Not Fit For Hiring....

Smriti Kandpal
Apr 12, 2019   •  64 views

Reality of Engineering in India

“94% engineering graduates are not fit for hiring,” says IT Stalwart. Oh! Is this really the reality of so called prestigious engineering degree.After reading this you all might get stunned but people this is actually the reality and here comes our and our parents blind faith towards this degree. Let me explain you this through an instance.

There was a boy he loved singing and stood first in it in all the classes. But when he told this , his mother suddenly asked without seeing his happiness , “what about your maths examination”. Boy didn't reply and threw his prize away. The son wanted to become a singer but parents wanted him to become an engineer.

At this juncture, although the boy took his graduation from B. Tech but the question here is was he really interested in graduating with B.Tech as he was in love with singing?

So, dear people this is not only the case of this child this is with the entire world as the topic itself says!, “ 94% engineering graduates”. So though we have a degree but dear teens question yourself do you really feel for it, live for it?I don't think so because if it could have been this would never be my topic.

Engineering not the only Option

So, work and live for your interest not for others because it is your life and your career. Though it's quite difficult to work and think something different from the crowd.

I'm not against engineering but the data explains the ridiculous situation of our nation. It's not only destroying student's career instead the people have become liability for a country due to unemployment.

The reason why students generally take this degree can be:

  • Students and their parents think that doing graduation with B.tech will never make the person unemployed but simply doing graduation without skills will never serve them with a good package.

  • If you really want your package in lakhs then don't simply enjoy parties or bunking instead try to explore and work hard.

  • Students want this degree not for being an engineer rather they want it because through this they think that at least they have a degree and now they can explore themselves by giving SSC,UPSC or any civil services examination.

So, how can we think that we could have good engineers in the coming years because this is sarcastically the awkward reality.

Condition is this severe that top 10 IT companies take only 6% engineering graduates. And the company says“ The skills, that engineering graduates bring in, do not match.”

So, dear teens do what you want and not what the crowd says because situation is this severe that in the coming years this data may exceed to 100% . So, be careful and dear it's solely my request that don't make fun of this degree.



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Ab tooo fees bhar di btech ki... .....🥺🥺 .....next vlog on " how to refund btech admission fees " ..🔥
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So true😶
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Seriously 👍👍
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