Top 5 Affordable Dogs Available In India

Sital Agrawal
Aug 13, 2019   •  877 views

Are you a dog lover? Are you planning to bring a dog in your home but unable to do so? is your budget stopping you to? Well, no more worries. Basically, the pricing of puppy depends on 3 most important factors like purity of the breed, secondly, the blood line of the breed and thirdly, it depends on the breeder. Here, i am going to give you a brief about few dog breeds which you can get easily without spending much on them.

1- Labrador-

Whenever there is a talk of dog, the first breed of dog that mostly comes into mind is Labrador. The obiedience of this dog makes it one of a kind. Labradors are easily available in Indian market as well as these are quick learners. speaking about the price, the Labradors can range from 4000-5000.

Origin UK

Height Male: 57–62cm, Female: 55–60cm

Weight Male: 29–36kg, Female: 25–32kg

Life Span 9 - 12 years

Grooming Need Average

2- Dachshund-

Dachshund is considered as world's one of the best earth dogs. They are small and very lovable pets. Dachshunds are highly active and energetic pets. They can easily survive in the indian climate. Also, the dogs are healthy and courageous in nature. The price of dachshunds statrs from around 6000-8000 INR.

Origin Germany

Height Average 5-9 Inches

Weight Approx 3-6 Kgs

Life Span 14 -17 years

Grooming Need Medium

3- Indian Spitz-

The Indian Spitz are kindly similar with pomeranians, but what makes them diiferent is their height and fur. its very clear from its name that its an Indian breed. This breed is ideal for an apartment life and are also available in less budget. This dog is purely a domestic dog and it needs less grooming. The Indian spitz is also available in black colour. Talking about its price range, it differs from 2000-8000. Affordable right?

Origin India

Height 10-14inches

Weight Average 8 to 14 kgs

Life Span 10-12 years

Grooming Need Average

4- German Shephard-

This dog is highly demanded among people. This is the top preferrence of all dog lovers whethere they are from India or any country. The German Shephard has never failed to impress anyone. The dog is courageous and are always praised for its works. German Shephards are very intelligent in nature and these kind of dogs are also used as police dogs. Whether its a puppy or adult, the cost of German Shephard varies from 15,000-20,000 INR. This may be a bit expensive for few but its worth it.

Origin Germany

Height 18 -22 inches

Weight 22 -42 Kgs

Life Span 9 - 13 years

Grooming Need Medium

5- Pug-

Pug is the most loveable, affectionate and cute dogs of all. Wtheter its an adult or child, the Pug is favourite among all. The innocent face and its small, curly tail acts as an cherry on top. The Pug is also known as the "Vodafone Dog" after it was highlighted in one of the advertisements of Vodafone. The dog is an origin of China. Just like other Chienese products, this dog was also highly loved in India. The price of Pug differs from 9,000- 16,000 INR.

Origin China

Height 10 -14 inches

Weight Between 7 and 12 pounds (3.17 and 5.44kg)

Life Span 12 -15 years

Grooming Need Medium to High