It's a nature's law that every thing will change after sometime. And we have to accept that changes. Some changes are worthful and very good. Like change in the atmosphere, change in the climate. How some people likes rainy season and some love winters. And these are some very important changes like after a very hot Summer we need water on the earth to cool the earth to get some water in the ponds, rivers. So we have rainy season to do that.

If not in nature we can see change in our day to day life, a day spent would not be the same next day. Every new day will bring some changes along with it. In a student life there are changes like moving to higher class, completing their education, moving forward with new motivation and new enthusiasm which are very good changes.

People in their career life has many changes some time good sometime not so good. Like getting a promotion, or simply getting praised by the boss or being appreciated for you good work.

These all changes are good it's part of our life if something wrong also happens we take it with a smile or just understand that but it doesn't hurt us.

But what hurts if all changes are good???

Changes in a relationship hurts. A mother who ask you daily for food, Pampers you and if she stops all that how would you feel ?

Our Father ask about our studies, takes interest in our activities, accompany you in the outing and if he stops all this how would you feel??

If your partner's suddenly stop talking to you, stop laughing with you and stop sharing things with you. How would you feel?

All these changes are very heart breaking we can not stand these changes. If any one of this happens we goes mad that how to get back things to perfect. At that moment we hope for some magic that all things go back to normal, any undo machine we can get or we can get something to erase memory's of people.

But had you given a thought to it that how we land up to this kind of situations that we regret in the end. I believe the ans for such changes are that we take are precious relations for granted we only start caring for them, when we lose them, or when we see that they are not the same with us anymore.

"Thand ka mahina khatam hua

Garmiya bhi suhuru ho kar Chali gayi

Pat jhad aa kar barish bhi Chali gayi

Har mausam badlne ka ehsas hua

Bas tum kab badl gaye ye ehsas na hosaka

Q ki Mausam k badlane ka toh hamesha se hi pata hai

Par tum Badal jaoge ye Dil Ko na hi samjh thi na hi malum tha

Hum ab bhi vahi kahde hai us hi jagha

Tum aana toh apna haal sunnana

Hum Na puchunege ki tum kaha the bas tumhe vapis dekh kar tumhe hasta dekh kar khush reh lenge"

All the changes in your life related to studys, related to career are important agreed but the most important thing in your life are your relations with any one close to you don't take it for granted to get in to a situation where you will regret at the end. Whatever happens your fail in your exams, you get kicked off from your job or you get passed in your exams, you are having a great success it's all good. But there should be someone in your life to share your high and low moments with you. So cherish your relations, show that you love them. Care for them.

Life is easy when you have your loved ones besides you but life is very rough when you have no one besides you.