Perfect Nude Lipsticks For Summer

Simran Gagneja
Jun 13, 2019   •  134 views

If you want to pull together a snatched look then nothing can do it better then a nude lipstick.

There is a perfect nude lipstick for every occasion and every mood.

Well the definition of nude changes for every skin tone and undertone. But if you're someone with olive skin tone then this guide might help you to find the perfect nude lipsticks for summer.

Nykaa so matte lipstick- shade Taupe thrill

OMG! what a shade I mean nothing can be more perfect than this shade, which is brownish-pinkish nude.

This shade is perfect for school, colleges, meetings, and Sunday brunches etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Nykaa has come up with their fair share off nude lipstick collection so I would mention some more shades which you can look into:

  • Naughty nude

  • Bare minimum

  • Cinnamon crunch

But as the name suggests they are not so Matt ,they have somewhat demi-matt finish I would say. But have a great colour pay-off. You won't regret buying it.

Maybelline powder matt- shade almond Pink

As a brand I adore Maybelline specifically their lipsticks they are so amazing.

I mean what's not there to like:

  • They have great shade range

  • Good colour pay off

  • Comfortable Matt -finish

The shade I am talking about is a brownish pink nude perfect for Summer Day. I mean this is that shade which is perfect for every skin tone I mean Maybelline surely knows how to make a perfect lipstick.

Perfect for school girls who surely are on low budget schedules.

Maybelline New York colour sensational lip gradation : shade mauve

Yeah ,I know another Maybelline product but this shade is perfect nude for office.This is a brown nude that would look good on almost every skin tone and additionally you can create a lip gradation effect with this product so that is a

win -win situation.

M. A. C lipstick: shade mehr

Of Course, I have to mention this shade as this is my absolute favourite colour to wear. It's my go to lip shade, now that they have come with a mini versions so they are even more appropriate choice to carry with you to offices, to lunch, to meetings ,whenever you feel like you need to touch up your lipstick.

It's this perfect mauve nude colour that would look good on every skin tone and it's just so amazing.

So comfortable to wear, gives you that perfect satiny velvet Matt finish.