Surprise For Parantha Lovers!!!!

Jun 25, 2019   •  5 views

Surprise for parantha lovers!!

Do you call yourself a parantha lover? If yes, then here is a surprise for you. This Delhi based shop offers the delicacy of the largest stuffed paranthas which surely satisfies your taste buds and cravings in just one time.

Located in Uttam Nagar (west) “Prisha parantha junction” offers the delicacy of the largest stuffed gigantic paranthas. These paranthas are not only treat to you and your eyes but to plate as well.

The size and the weight of the paranthas make them different from others. These stuffed paranthas weigh over 1.2 kg and are of 2 feet size. When it comes to the variety it offers, from aloo gobhi mix to matar pyaaz, the stuffing of the paranthas is too delicious too, which leave an impact on everybody’s mind. The joy of enjoying butter onparathas while sipping a hot cup of tea is a feeling beyond the world. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, parathas can be savoured at around any time of the day. All you need is a huge stomach.

With over 50 paratha varieties, this place is a hit among paratha lovers. Prepared with two layers of dough, these parathas are loaded with a variety of fillings. Each paratha is made out of 400-500 gm of flour and spices like garam masala, amchur (mango powder) and chaat masala are added to the fillings in order to make them more scrumptious. If you happen to be a spice junkie, then you can ask for adding more spices to these parathas . It is served with three cubes of butter and along with spicy pickle, chutney and raita. While preparing the parathas, pure desi ghee is used, which not only makes it more delicious but quite filling as well. Mind it, for finishing a whole big paratha, you'd require a really big appetite!

Ready For The Paratha Challenge???

This paratha junction challenges you to finish three full-sized parathas in a time span of one hour. If you're able to do the same, then you could possibly win a lifetime supply of food. Hard to believe!!! We advise you to come with