4 Daily Activities That One Should Do To Keep Oneself Motivated

Shweta Dubey
Mar 18, 2019   •  484 views

4 Daily activities that one should do to keep oneself motivated

Motivation acts a fuel to drive human beings. It instills the feeling of zeal and enthusiasm. One needs to be motivated to achieve success in their life. So, when going through the worst phase of your life just remember these four daily mantras to keep yourself motivated.

1)Stop procrastinating

Jot down the points and set a deadline for the target you are intended to achieve. Stop delaying your work and making excuses regarding the given task submission. Try to overcome the habit of procrastinating by preparing "To Do" lists. It has been found in research that 80% of the people have responded in this favor and only 20% of them were not involved in Procrastinating. People have made their mindset that this extension in their work will reduce their workload. One needs to be organized regarding his thoughts.

2)Absorbing the positive energy around you

A person is generally surrounded by both optimistic and pessimistic people. Human beings have a tendency to inculcate behaviors and energy from others. They are more attracted to the one they find amusing and charming in their words. The one who keeps on bragging negative talks and ill about others seems to be irritating sometimes. A person generally avoids those people's company.It is said that our words are our representative. So, try to absorb the words and become endoergic.

3)Keep patience and try self-talk

The situation becomes hard when people around question over your thought process. Never lose your morale and patience in such situations. Anger is the root cause of one's destruction. Thereafter, keep calm and have self-talk at least, for a while daily.

Self-talk motivates to acknowledge what one wants from their life and where they have reached yet. When you feel demotivated as you have failed and stopped just remember one thing. A lion hides and rests for some time before attacking its prey. This doesn't mean that he is demotivated but the reason is that he is planning to grasp his prey with full dedication.

4)Some motivational stories

Sharing my own personal experience; inspiring stories helps to light the flame inside human beings. Listening to these videos might be a tedious and boring process on Day1 but, it becomes captivating after two-three days. It creates an interest in the mind of viewers.

So, stop overthinking, and never lose your confidence.



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