The Face Is A Picture Of The Mind With The Eyes As Its Interpreter........Let Us Groom It Via Makeup!

Shruti Gupta
Mar 30, 2019   •  47 views

Doing face makeup is the process of enhancing the beauty of a human face with the help of various cosmetics.

Makeup is considered as a sort of art .
Or we can also say that it’s a kind of expression.

In other words, makeup is the extension of one's character.

Using cosmetics is an art .
The tiniest of stuff is able to make a enormous difference in the way the outcome can emerge.

The various steps involved in a face makeup are listed below:


The skin coating need to be clean and moist for begining with a gorgeous base for makeup.

Eliminating of any traces of oil or dirt is the very first step.

A mild cleanser should be used to clean the face to make it completely clean.

A facial cleanser should be opted which suits the skin type .

Using Primers :

Applying an adequate lotion during the day before going towards the cosmetics is a good idea.

After doing this
When the makeup is started, a primer is applied.
The function of a primer is to hold the makeup for more hours.

Using Foundation:

Employing a foundation is the simplest solution to enhance the beauty of the face.

To purchase a foundation, one needs to request the parlor artist at the shop to match the base around their skin colour and then give it to them.

Using Concealer:

After utilising the fundamental base the next step is to employ a beauty concealer to cover the place of blemishes or other dark spot present on the face.

A concealer is covers the annoying stains, blemishes and the dark circles.

A concealer is used at a colour slightly lighter than the skin tone for decorating.

A liquid concealer should be opted for mild protection over a region of the head as for the under-eye site.

Using of an Organic Powder:

Although it is not suggested using a powder because it calms the surface of lines and marks, but it depends upon the wish of the individual.

A soft brush should be used to sweep the powder on the refreshing cosmetics face.

Applying the Eye Makeup:

Eye Makeup can be applied with palms or little brush to work with eyeshadow throughout the eyelids.

Applying the Cheeks Makeup:

It is started with selecting a cream blush that enriches the whole skin tone.

It is applied to the apples of the cheeks.
It is mixed up first and then combined slightly throughout the cheek.

Applying the Lips Colour:

Before putting anything on the lips, it should be made certain that the lips are moisturised with a few lip balm for lush and healthy lips.

The outlining of the lips is done through a lip liner to provide a beautiful shape to the lips.

Those lip colours can be chosen that match with the skin tone.

The outside rims of the lip space should always be washed to prevent feathering.

Performing final highlight:

Experts use a lot of additional tips while putting cosmetics.

A mild lotion or natural powder colour is applied on the areas that are pressed like the borders of the nose, under the apples of the lips and around the forehead.

A bronzer should be used over the exterior sides of the face.