The Best Hair Beauty Ingredient For Your Hair: Wanna Know ?...........

Shruti Gupta
Apr 03, 2019   •  59 views

Henna :
It is that natural ingredient which gives a wow look to our hair.

Henna also known as "Mehndi " .
Its is prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis.

Henna can improve the health of our hair .


It comes in powdered form.

It is needed to be mixed with water to get a paste like consistency.

Half cup of henna should be mixed with one fourth cup of warm water to prepare a smooth paste.

A few more drops of water can be added if necessary while mixing.

The container should be covered with a plastic wrap and left for 12 hours.

Before applying henna, the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo to clean the hair and scalp.

Some petroleum jelly or coconut oil should be applied in the hairline including your forehead, neck and ears for preventing staining.

Gloves should be worn to protect the hands and nails from staining.

The hair should be combed using a wide-toothed comb for removing all the tangles.

A small section of hair should be taken, from the topmost layer and the henna paste can be applied using a brush liberally from the roots towards the tips.

Henna is not able to spread easily like the hair dyes.
Hence the same is repeated on the other sections of the hair.

After applying henna all over the hair, a plastic wrap is taken and the hair is covered.
This wrap helps the henna to set as the cling plastic keeps the henna warm and moist.

It needs two to four hours for the henna to set.
But it can be left longer for more vibrant colour.

After that it can be washed off.
To develope properly, henna takes about 24 to 48 hours.

It appears orange initially and later the colour deepens.


The natural properties of henna promote the hair growth.

The powder is used to create an essential oil which nourishes and encourages the hair growth.

Applying Henna on Hair for Deep Conditioning:

Henna acts as a deep conditioner by leaving the hair feeling absolutely gorgeous.

It reduces the hair fall

An excellent remedy for hair fall is the combination of henna powder with mustard oil .

Henna prevents dandruff:

Using henna regularly on the hair cures dandruff and even prevents it from coming back.

It controls scalp itchiness

Henna contains the antifungal and antimicrobial properties .
These properties cool and soothe the scalp. It control itching of the scalp.

It acts a natural hair dye:

If an individual is reluctant to use chemicals on the scalp but want to cover greys, then henna is a natural alternative.

Henna can repair split ends:

Dry and damaged hair are commonly prone to split ends, which worsen the situation.

It is able to remove dirt and oil without messing the balance, unlike the chemical-based products.

Henna retains the natural acid-alkaline balance on the scalp:

It maintains balance and keeps scalp clean.

Henna makes the hair thick and lustrous:

Regular use of henna at the hair not only prevents hair fall, but also encourage hair growth.
It helps the hair to retain healthy, thick and lustrous.

Henna can make the hair shiny, soft and manageable:

Dry, damaged and unhealthy hair get converted into soft, shiny and manageable locks with the nourishing properties of henna.

Henna can be used for the Oily Scalps

The mixture of Multani mitti and henna constitute to a hair pack .
This pack ensures that the oily scalp does not cause any hair fall.

Henna for Dry Hair:

A few tablespoons of henna is added with warm coconut milk along with a few tablespoons of olive oil.The quantity of henna should be double of olive oil.

This makes the hair smooth.