Let's Make The Hair Smooth And Shiny

Shruti Gupta
Mar 24, 2019   •  63 views

Hair is considered as one of the important beauty assets.

Therefore they require constant care like little nourishing.

This provides glossy , shiny hair,smooth and manageable hair.

Conditioning is must for coarse hair.

It conditions the hair by making it soft, but not the scalp.

Hence it should not be used directly on the scalp area.

How does a conditioner works:

"Cuticle " is the outermost layer of a hair follicle .

It is composed of keratin.

Keratin is rich in cysteine groups .

These groups are mildly acidic.

These groups deprotonate when the hair is washed.

Deprotonating of these groups provide negative charge to the hair.

The conditioners contain positively charged quaternary ammonium species, such as polyquaternium.
They get attached to the hair through electrostatic interactions.

These compounds have several effects, once attached.
They form long hydrocarbon backbone which helps in lubricating the surface of hair follicles.

This reduces the sensation of roughness.

Hairs are repelled from each other electrostatically due to the surface coating of cationic groups. This reduces the clumping.

Frizzing also gets reduced when these compounds act as antistatic agents.

Conditioner should be run through the hair from the base to tip .

After that, the hair should be combed with a comb having wide tooth.

The conditioner is left on the hairs forapproximately 5 minutes.

Then the hair should be rinsed off thoroughly and then winded up with a splash of cold water.

The shampoo and conditioner should be chosen that is meant for a particular hair type.

If the hair has been treated with a chemical treatment then that shampoo and conditioner should be chosen which is meant for treated hair.

For example: If someone's hair is curly or rough, then the product specifically meant for rough hair texture should be used.

There are some natural products available at the home itself that can be used as conditioners.

One egg, two tablespoon castor oil,one tablespoon vinegar and one tablespoon glycerine can be mixed.

The mixture is then supposed to be beaten until a frothy look appears.

Then it should be massaged lightly into the hair.

The head is then wrapped under a hot towel for getting steam and then washed off.

This conditioner is able to make the hair thicker, shiny and soft.

Honey as a Conditioner:

One or two eggs are beaten.
The quantity of egg depends on the length of the hair.

One tablespoon honey and two tablespoon olive oil are mixed with it.

After that the paste is needed to be massaged gently into the scalp.
The hairs are subjected to steam for sometime and then after an hour washed with a shampoo.

Alcohol as Conditioner:

One - two eggs are beaten with two tablespoon brandy.
Then is usedto massage the scalp.
It is left for ten-fifteen minutes.
After that the hair is rinsed well.
The egg is able to nourish the hair and brandy is able to stimulate the hair growth.

As the egg stinks.
So it is adviced to use just the egg white.

These were some home remedies for hair conditioning.

But if people desire for best results in less time then , they can purchase and use the hair conditioners available along with the respective shampoos in the market.