The reasons of immense hair fall are:

Biological reasons: hereditary, thyroid, vitamin D deficiency.

Irregular lifestyle: stress, washing the hair too often only with water

Different types of medications:
A variety of health conditions can be treated with the help of medications.
But sometimes unwanted side effects come as a result.
There are some drugs that can contribute to changes in hair colour, hair texture, or hair loss.
This is because these drugs interfere with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth. This results in hair fall.

The best example of such medications is: chemotherapy.

Right on top of the head, the hair starts thinning .
For both men and women, these reasons follow.
So the person suffering from the immense hair fall , should get all the tests done.

If there is the deficiency of vitamin D .
Sun is the best source of vitamin D.
Therefore exposure to the sun is needed at the right time of day for the right amount of time.

A topical medication :Minoxidil, can be applied to the scalp.

This medication is specially advised for the individuals who are suffering from immense hair fall.

It slows down the hair loss.

It also stimulates the hair follicles which results in the growth of new hair. It requires four months to one year for producing visible results.

But hair loss can occur again when the medication is stopped.

There is a well-known herb: Ginkgo Biloba.

It improves the blood circulation in the brain and skin.

It increases the flow of blood in the scalp area .

This increased blood circulation delivers nutrients to the hair follicles and promotes the hair regrowth.

Many people wash their hair everyday and astonishingly some wash twice a day.

Hence daily washing routine of the hair should be stopped. The directions given below should be followed:

Hair should be washed two times a week or maximum three times a week with the products that are meant for the respective scalp or hair type.

This avoids dandruff and hair fall.

Oiling the scalp and hair once or twice a week is must.

Oiling can be done with the coconut oil , olive oil, almond oil or any other oils.

The right way to shampoo and condition the hair:

Each time the shampoo is done, the shampoo should be applied to the hair twice.

Firstly the shampoo should be squeezed on to the palm and massaged thoroughly to clean the scalp.After that it should be rinsed well .

After that the shampoo should be applied second time.

A little shampoo can be squeezed and diluted with water in the palm .

Then the hair should be washed off with it.

While applying this, more time should be spent in thoroughly cleaning and rinsing the hair .

First time the scalp should be under consideration and second time the concentration is given on the hair.

The conditioner is applied after rinsing,but not on the scalp.
It should be applicable only on the hair.

A wide tooth comb should be then used to comb out the hairs.
After that it is left for 4 to 5 mins.
The conditioner is then supposed to rinse out .

If one is suffering from immense hair loss, he/she should consult to a doctor immediately.
But if the hair loss is a bit more than the natural one , then to control it, one should follow healthy and regular routine and take a proper balanced diet.

Specially the food containing proteins should be included in the daily diet.