A HAIR MASK is applied when the hair is rough and dry.
It is also applicable when the hair has been treated with chemicals or damaged.
This is a treatment which can cure such hairs.

We can easily be prepare hair masks at home .

A mild shampoo should be first used if the hair is chemically treated or damaged . The hair should be patted to dry .

The mask is then used, leaving for fifteen to twenty minutes and then the hair is rinsed off with the help of lukewarm water.

There are many types of hair masks that can be applied at the home.

People can make their own combination also.

Bananas, honey, coconut, olive oil, almond oil,cream of milk, eggs, apple cider vinegar,oatmeal, fenugreek, and many more.

*Two eggs can be beaten.
Three to five tablespoon of the cream can be collected from the top of the milk and mixed with the beaten eggs.

Now the paste can be applied on the hairs.

* One ripe banana should be mashed up and eight to ten drops of pure almond oil should be added to it.

Both should be mixed very well and then the hair massage can be performed.

*Honey is the most suitable a hair mask for dry or damaged hair.

Honey is capable of attracting moisture.
It also contain antioxidants and nutrients. This encourages hair growth.

Honey is thick and is needed to be mixed with olive or coconut oil.
It can also be mixed with apple cider vinegar or plain water in order to dilute it.

*Fenugreek seeds can be soaked in water overnight.
At the next morning the soaked seeds are need to be grinded into a paste.
The paste is supposed to be massaged into the scalp and hair.
It is left in the hair for 20 minutes.
Then the hair is washed off.
This is a great mask that works for hair fall and also for the individuals suffering from dandruff.

*Yolk of one egg can be mixed with one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of pure vitamin E oil along with one tablespoon honey.

The complete mixture is supposed to be massaged on the hair thoroughly.

Careful attention should be pai at the ends of hair.

The head should be wrapped with a hot towel for about half an hour.
After that it could be washed off.
This pack prevents the splitting of hair, though already present split ends of hair need to be trimmed.

*Hair Mask using Egg and Yogurt both .

.This is the mask which makes the hair moisturised, cleans and condition them and also improve the growing of hair.

It relieves from excessive oil present in the hair and makes them softer.

Protein and fats are available in eggs. Milk fat with lactic acid are present in yogurt.
For dry and damaged hairs, both of these ingredients suits the best to provide an appropriate hair mask.

Two eggs can be mixed with half cup of yogurt.It can be applied on the hair from roots to tips.

There are many natural supplements through which masks can be made up with.

Any mask should be applied from roots to tips in order to obtain best results .

A warm thin cotton towel is wrapped over the head.

A shower cap can also be put over the head and left for half an hour to wash it off.

If hair making is performed at regular intervals of time then effective results can be observed.
Hair masks allows the hair to become soft , shiny , long , beautiful and healthy.