Let's Not Fit Ourself In A Box !

Shriya Kataria
Jul 21, 2019   •  2 views

Leaving behind our ordinary lifestyle, let's live out of the box for a while ! Comfort is a beautiful constraint So challenge yourself without any wait.

Are you pursuing what you like or what you want? Or just running away from your passion due to the fear of society ? Whatever it is but you can't take it for long. This will bring you discontentment and will make you restless because you have fit yourself in a box where you don't want to be and you fear moving out of it.

Life and time can never be stagnant so let it flow like those sea waves. Challenge yourself to do what you think you can never do. Take every opportunity with a pinch of sugar. It's okay to fail but atleast don't give up as something is better than nothing.

Learn the subtle art of not giving a damn to what the society thinks of you. Be bold and extraordinary because life is a beautiful gift, so live to the fullest and redefine your priorities as life is what how you live it.