Do It Yourself - Design Your Own Wedding Card Box

Anisha Yadav
Nov 23, 2019   •  26 views

 Now when it comes to weddings, every bride wants the best but also the cheapest. Today I've brought up an idea on how to design your own wedding box. The first point to be kept in the mind is that the already made boxes in the market are a lot costly, ranging between 500- 4000. Now in order to look more attractive, sophisticated and and yet save money, the best thing is-


1) Firstly buy cardboard boxes online at Amazon or if you know any local vendors who can supply fresh boxes for you which cost around 330- 400 for around 50 boxes on Amazon. Which equals 2000 rupees on the box.


2) Now, cover the brown boxes with a cloth, this cloth can be any, and of your choice, you don't have to worry as with this you can choose any cloth or maybe even a brown paper can be used to cover the boxes. A simple printed cloth ranges between 30 rupees metre to as costly you want.


3) The third step after you have finished covering all the boxes, is to decorate and fill it with the goodies you want to, it may be in small bowls, or glass jars ranging in bulk between 10- 20 rupees each or even cups are available at a very low cost, maybe for a winter wedding you can pack different kinds of dried ingredients for a cosy hot chocolate or just some chocolates and nuts, basically the things that can be sent to people easily, without any damage. And in case you are sending things that can leak, then always bubble wrap it and keep it away from any dried ingredients.


4) After you are done packing you can lace up the boxes for much better look and your wedding card can follow on top of it.


5) For your wedding card there's another Diy project that you can take up, take a cardboard and cut it into the size of a wedding card you want and depending upon how many functions do you want, so your cost for that will also depend on it. And then, cover it with the same cloth as your box or different as you desire. Now take as simple paper and print on it everything that a invitation includes and you are done with the invites. That are handy and cheap and sophisticated too.

6) Total estimate for the whole package - approximately 30000 is what you can expect for 300 cards but instead of getting a 500 rupees card which will cost you just 1,50,000. 30000 is much more cheaper.

P.S. - Another Important thing is that if you are not able to send these cards with the whole package, because it will increase your budget then, you can give away these things to the guests as a thankyou. Or much better would be to give the engagement cards in advance and hand-over the whole invitation package to the guests, without any damage, fuss and also saving more money on the postage.