Stray dogs and cats are spotted by everyone on the streets, in abandoned houses and other nooks and corners of the world. Mostly they are harmless, but just like humans they attack when they feel terrorized or when they do not like the breach of peace. They usually mind their own business and wag their tails on smelling a friendly human or on seeing someone they know.

Despite their friendly nature and self-sufficient attitude, some people cannot seem to be at peace with them and find desperate measures to hurt them.

What harm will a dog sleeping on a bench do to you? How will it harm you if a dog is licking its paw and minding his business? What harm will it do to you if a stray dog is eating the leftovers from the side of the road? The answers is the same - ‘Nothing’. But given the obtrusive nature of human beings, even a puppy walking at the side appears disturbing and needs to be kicked down the sidewalk onto the middle of the road leaving it vulnerable.


If you see any such thing happening around you, speak up. Its high time that everyone starts protesting against such abusive behavior and its time that we take serious measures to put an end to it. It may occur that you are the only one protesting against a thing like this, but do not step back; people may get inspired by you and start raising their voices.

The Earth is as much theirs as it is for us and no one has any right to hurt them or shoo them away from any place till the time they are causing any harm.

There are many help centers for helping our furry friends in distress; please call and let them know if any dog, cat or any other animal needs to be rescued.


The stray dogs aren’t the only ones who need to be rescued and saved, many adopted dogs are also left alone to survive on their own in many cases. Adopting a dog may look “Instagram worthy” but maintaining one throughout their lifetime is equally difficult. A dog, or any other pet in that case, comes with a number of responsibilities - it needs to be fed, bathed, taken out on a walk daily, loved and looked after.

Think of these things before adopting a pet. Do not leave them alone to die when you change houses or because you cannot afford to maintain them. If you do not intend to keep them as a part of your lives anymore, give them to some nearby shelter where they will be taken care of and looked after. Also when you are thinking of ‘buying a dog’, consider of adopting one - it will not only change your life, this step of yours will make their lives better and brighter.

They cannot speak, it is our responsibility to speak for them.

A pet makes our lives better in many ways and we need to make this world a better place for them to survive. If you cannot help them at least do not hurt them.