Ragging is a common practice followed in colleges, hostels and other educational institutes where the senior or an influential person tends to discourage the juniors through the means of verbal or physical abuse and harassment. Ragging is a disorderly conduct and it is associated with a behavioural, emotional, social and ohysical problems which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, or raises fear increasing suicudal risks.


  • People experience forms of ragging and harassment in their early years in institutes or colleges due to which they are of an impression that it is a convention to do the same with their juniors as well.

  • Authorities and student council remains passive on such issues and do not take strict actions against ragging. They fail to implement anti-ragging rules.

  • The seniors feel a sense of superiority. This feeling makes them feel that they possess the power to suppress someone who is junior and inferior to them.

  • For the seniors, the evils of mockery and tease remain a form of entertainment. They feel joy and enthusiasm in troubling their juniors and consider it to be a part of introduction.

  • Students coming from lucrative and political background utilize their money and muscle power in the practice of ragging.

  • Others reasons can be use of alcohol in hostels or absence of college disciplinary committee.


  • The victims of ragging suffer alot as they face depression, isolation, demoralization and many other forms of detrimental effects on the personality which can lead them to commit suicide.

  • Ragging should be terminated or else it will vitiate the entire learning atmosphere.

  • An unpleasant incident of ragging can leave a permanent scar in the mind of the victim and it can haunt the victim for years.

  • Ragging can also cause grave psychological stress and trauma to the victim with physical assault and grievous injuries.

  • When a family sees their child in pain and grief and see their child's career coming to an end they also get affected with it.

  • Ragging destroys the goodwill of the educational institutions.

Forms of Ragging

Some of the most popular forms of ragging in colleges are:

1. The freshers may be asked to dress up in a weird way for a particular time which makes the student feel unconfortable and awkward.

2. The freshers may be asked to sing the lyrics of any vulgar song or use abusive language while talking to the seniors.

3. Sexual abuse is the severest form of ragging, as here the vitim is asked to describe one's body parts, his or her sexual interests, strip before the seniors etc..

4. Students in hostels may be asked to do odd activities from cleaning the room of seniors to washing their clothes, from fetching them water or milk to completing their assignments.

5. Drug abuse is a type of raaging in which freshers are asked to try drugs which can drive them into addcition.

Ragging means disorderly conduct, doing of any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution. Ragging does not spare even its perpetrators. Those found guilty of ragging may be suspended, blacklisted and even permanently expelled from college. Thus, we see that the practice of ragging does good to none. From those who are victims of ragging to those who commit or encourage it, ragging spares none.