The daily routine of a 9-to-5 job can become tiresome and monotonous. Sometimes, people need some kind of adventure to feel alive again and good adventure sport can help to do so. Here’s a list of some of the adventure sport activities.

List of Adventure Sports in India


Trekking is one of India’s favourite adventure activities. The country has a lot of mountains and excellent trekking destinations. There are many trekking options available such as Zanskar Chadar Trek that takes people over a frozen lake. There are many more unique options or trekking which can give a life time experience to people.


Caving is an adventure sport that people have started exploring in the recent times in India. People have to go through some massive underground structures. Reaching the caves in itself can be an adventure, taking you through green forest and beautiful waterfalls.


Parasailing is an activity in which people are suspended mid-air, attached to a parachute, and pulled by a boat and experience great adventure as they float with the wind, above the deep blue sea. Parasailing gives an aerial view of the surroundings, and gives a different view about the place. Parasailing is a very exciting adventure.


Flyboarding is a water-based adventure activity that is relatively new in India. It essentially consists of a skateboard-like structure that is powered by a machine that thrusts water at it with massive force. It is a very different kind of experience, an experience where a person feels like he is literally floating.


Skydiving is a sport that doesn’t require any introduction. It gives an ultimate adrenaline rush. There are instructors who guides the skydivers through the entire freefall.

6.Flying Fox

Engaging in Flying Fox gives an extremely fun experience. In this adventure activity, a person is suspended from a high point to another point. The starting point is usually at an elevation after which gravity does its work and person reaches the other point which is lower. Breath-taking views can be seen from the mountain top.

7.Rock Climbing

India has a diverse landscape, there are many places where people can engage in rock climbing. This sport tests endurance and requires a certain level of fitness.

8.Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is the age-old adventure sport. For this adventure sport a person has to jump off a ledge with a harness tied around his leg or chest. It is a situation of freefall until a harness gives a tug that pulls the person back up again. After the tug, the person is swinging until there is a complete halt. It’s an experience for life.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of adventure sports, which are as follows:


  • One of the biggest advantages of adventure sports is that it keeps one extremely healthy and fit. To pursue some extreme sports, a person has to be fit and in proper shape.

  • Engaging in these kind of adventure activities can clear the cluttered mind and rejuvenates a person. These adventure sports help people to get rid of the negative energies stored.

  • It instils a sense of achievement within a person for participating in such challenging sport activities. New and memorable experiences are made by participating in such extreme sports


  • These activities are dangerous, no one can certainly say what will happen in life. So, everyone doing adventure sports should be careful about their acts and should enjoy to the fullest what the sport offers.

  • Carelessness increases the possibility of injuries. So, there should be no carelessness on the part of the person doing those activities or on the part of the instructors.

  • Indulging in adventure sports can turn out to be quite expensive.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal!”

– Paulo Coelho