Industry 4.0 , so you might be thinking what does this terminology mean . It all began with this ,there was a research conducted on how the emerging technologies developed and it was seen that there are 4 technologies that are outgrowing rapidly and have made a lot of changes with their invent . let me name them for you ,they are ...

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Machine Learning

  3. Big data

  4. Internet of Things

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the above words , or atleast heard of them . These technologies have made so many advancements since their advent , that now these 4 have become the pillars for the future ahead .

Industry 4.0 can bring changes in various fields like :

  1. Education

  2. Banking

  3. Security and safety

  4. Industry

  5. Banking sector

  6. Research

  7. Entertainment and so on and so forth

With the advent of these new age technology, they have revolutionized our prospects for the future. We can see that EDUCATION can be a lot more interactive and gain more attention from around the word .

In terms of Entertainment , let us consider Gaming , it has revolutionized the whole gaming experience , like let us take the game DOTA which is purely built around the concept of AI and ML .

In industry , AI and ML based robots can be used to automate the production process in industry , where certain area can be assigned to few bots and they can take care of that area , and timely monitoring will help in industry progress , for example we can consider TESLA company the production of car is automated and this kind of improvement can increase the efficiency and hence increase the production of a company.

If we consider another example where AI can be used is in security purposes , like this technology could be combined with IOT to provide security to home . We can also use ANN and AI for face recognition of house owner and will give an alarm in case of entry of an unknown person .

All These new technologies have gained our attention and these could be a step for a brighter future .So technology is likely going to be even more interesting in the future, please leave your thoughts below about the new era technology, thank you for reading , keep coming back for more ...... :)