How To Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Post

May 15, 2019   •  4 views

Yeah , that’s the topic I was looking for, As I just wanted to know whether my pitching deserves to be

posted or not However let me begin my assignment to get judged.
Your topic /subject should be chosen in a manner that it appeals to the editor or generate an
amount of curiosity to read the mail/writeup.
The subject should be chosen giving immense thought and should fully relate with your writeup.
Writeup must be short and sweet without any grammatical/spelling errors.
While addressing your editor a personal touch should be felt as that makes your claim/pitch sound.
For example your pitch should not start with Dear Sir/Mam instead put some time the know the
name of the editor and then start with Hi Mr/Ms Do your homework well know as much about
your editor as you can through web and then try to put that in your address to give a personal touch.

Never repeat what you have said once, in your writeup.
To be better equipped try to read as many articles as you can to just know the way of writing as be
sure in your mind the writing is for audience not for your editor so be aware that in case your
article/writeup is not interesting enough for the readers your editor will just delete that from his/her

mail as they are far more interested in their readers than writers.
Link up your mail id /social media addresses with your post to be judged by the editor that yes you
are not fake but real.
Always take care of the time of the editors as you need to write where the editor should feel he has

invested his time not spent his time.
Now to put some impetus on my above written points I am sharing few examples :
I open an email where I find the subject is interesting then I open it and go through to find out the

relevance of the subject with the writeup and if I find it relevant definitely I respond as that is my

inner will being a good human being.
I find the mails or writeups boring where I find they are addressed with Dear Sir/Mam as here I feel

It is a bulk stock may be to how many , Who knows?
I delete mails where I find too many grammatical errors as time is too crucial a factor to be taken
care of.
In recent past I received a mail from a blogger where he had written an article on “How to come out
of a breakup ” Of course sounds interesting may be for every generation.