Terminologies Of Language In Society

Shruti Verma
Feb 10, 2019   •  18 views

Lingua Franca- Lingua franca is a common language used by multiple communities to communicate with each other.

Sociolinguistics- Sociolinguistics refers to the language that deals with the social aspect which is indispensable to exist in the society and communicate.

Pidgin-Pidgin is a Chinese word for business and it is a simple language developed or used by multiple communities to communicate and it is used because it has very very simple grammar and easy to learn and remember words. It is a makeshift language.

Creole- When a Pidgin language becomes the first language it is called a Creole.

Creolisation- It is a process when Pidgin is converted to and becomes 1st language.

Morphology- It is the science of making new words and It has two processes. First processes call inflection morphology. In inflectional morphology grammatical category of word does not change. In the second process call derivational morphology the grammatical category of the word changes.