Белая береза
Под моим окном
Принакрылась снегом,
Точно серебром.
На пушистых ветках
Снежною каймой
Распустились кисти
Белой бахромой.
И стоит береза
В сонной тишине,
И горят снежинки
В золотом огне.
А заря, лениво
Обходя кругом,
Обсыпает ветки
Новым серебром.

Direct translation


White birch

Under my window

Covered in snow

Similarly, silver.

On the fluffy branches

Snow Border

Paint brushes

White fringe.

And there is a birch

In sleepy silence

And the snowflakes are burning

In the golden fire.

And the dawn is lazy

Circling around

Sprinkle branches

New silver.


This poem was written by Sergey Esenin. This poem shows the beauty of mother Russia in winters. It depicts various imageries formed by the Birch tree during winters and how it is an ornament in Russian winters. The poem shows how a birch tree looks very beautiful in winters. The snow looks like silver on birch tree. The poet views the birch tree through his window. He is lost in its mesmerizing beauty. This poem can also depict temperaments of a women as her moods shift. We see a shift of mood when poet recreats the image of how the birch tree's leaves look like they are burning when sunlight falls on them.