"If music be the food of love , play on" this opening lines from shakespeare's twelfth night is a very strong expression which describes the bond between love and music. Music is an expression that tells about a person and his feelings. As your perspective changes, so does the music you listen to, as soon as we hear music, a flash of millions of memories of love, relationships crosses our mind, this is the beauty of music but it also reveals our darker angels. What a person seek in this life full of pressures, and exhaustion is peace, and music is one of the way to achieve it.

There are several reasons why i like music. For me music is all about feeling the lyrics from the depth of my heart, it relaxes my mind and distract me from all sorts of abrupt noises. It helps in decreasing pain, the emotions if not controlled can also lead to anxiety which is somehow decreased by music through both visual and silence distraction. Music is something that evokes the hidden or unexpressable emotions whether its love, hatred or anger.

We see most of the people listening to music while doing their regular stuffs like exercise, yoga, household works, study etc. The major reason behind this is that many people believe that music providesconcentration on what they are doing much better.There are several genres of music and the choice and taste depends on people and their moods . sometimes a specific genre becomes a person's favorite and they are totally addicted to them. Whereas some people tends to like almost all the genre and they listen to them according to their mood and feelings. The choice of your music describes best the situation or the phase you are going through in your life and your outburst or reaction to it ,reveals your true condition at present. This is a true fact that music has a great influence on our lives, whether it calms down during nervousness, or anger or it energise us when going for a celebration or party, it has a huge impact on our mindset and well being as it speaks to us on a multiple levels.

We connect to music through moments in our life, its like our soundtrack. People prefer listening to music according to the language of their choice, according to my belief their is a deeper connection between music and emotions as well as the environment we live in. It is quite easy to analyse that music has drastically changed the people thinking that urban population prefer loud music whereas rural ones prefer soft and calm tunes because both the population enjoys each others music to the fullest. Different culture perceives music differently, this is why categories like hollywood, bollywood, tollywood are introduced . Well, music may transceds all cultural boundaries, because people all over the world enjoy the music of different culture and regions.

Ever wondered why every movie has music in most of their scenes this is because music act as an emotional guide and it helps in bringing out the true feelings of the characters during that scene by using a right piece of music at the right moment, for example revealing the comic or the serious turn in the scene. Hence, i am pretty sure it is easy to understand what i am trying to convey through this article, that music should be included in everyones life, for expression of themselves and to stay healthy.