In the age of social networking , it is quite important for an individual to maintain their social image on different social media platforms. For which youth like us prefer buying smartphones with superior quality of camera. People , in recent times, tend to compare smartphone not with ram or rom but with mps of their rear and llklllpfront cameras. Thus I have come up with a list that would help us click greater photos specially selfies as the gen x says. 


Oppo F3 Plus 

For a selfie freak , this cellphone is quite the best one. With a ram of 4 GB and storage capacity of 64 GB, it can be declared this model really gives satisfactory memory storage. It has 1.95 GHz octacore processor and Qualcomm snapdragon 653 as its Soc. The most significant feature is its 16 Mp and 8 Mp front camera which really aids in clicking fabulous selfies. It also has a good 16 Mp rear camera . Zoom and wide angle camera on the front is very useful even in low light conditions. Added to these it has good display of 6 ( 1080 X 1920) , a superior battery back up of 4000mAh and Android as its operating system. It has even an affordable price of Rs 11,799.

Vivo V7 plus

Second in the list come's up from Vivo , a model named V7 plus. It has a RAM of 4 GB and a storage of 64 GB. 1.8 GHz octacore processor and Snapdragon 450 Soc. The front camera is of superior 24 MP making it a second most superior selfie smartphone . The rear camera is of 16 MP . It has good display of 5.99 ( 1080 X 2160). It provides a battery back up of 3225 mAh and an has android as its operating system. Its market price is of Rs 13,299.

Oppo F5 

Oppo F5 ranks third in the list. For the shutterbugs, it gifts them with a 20 MP front camera for a selfie and 16 MP rear camera to capture moments and postcard views. It has a battery of 3200 mAh providing satisfactory battery life. Added to it has a 2.5 octacore processor and Mediatek MT67637 as Soc. Though it has an excellent display of 6 ( 1080 X 2160) , yet its RAM and storage turns it down being 4 GB and 6 GB respectively ( the storage 6 GB can be extended to 32 GB). Storage capacity is quite less than expected. The market value of this smartphone also quite pricey in comparison to other phones in this list Rs 19,599.

Vivo V7 

The predecessor to Vivo V7 plus, this smartphone has still got its hold in the market. It has a superior front camera of 24 MP satisfying the victims of the selfie craze. It has good rear camera of 16 MP as well. 1.8GHz octacore processor ,Qualcomm snapdragon 450 as Soc and has android as its operating system. The disadvantage of this model is the ordinary battery back up (in comparison to other mobiles in this list) of 3000mAh. It also has a RAM of 4 GB and storage of 32 GB with a fine display of 5.7 (720X 1440). Its market value is of Rs 15,874.

Honor 9i 

The market where thete is domination of Oppo and Vivo smartphones specially incase of selfie smartphones, finally Honor 9i has made it's place as the fifth name in the list. It has a RAM of 4 GB and it has a expandable Storage of 64 GB . The most important feature is the presence of two front camera of 13MP and 2MP respectively. It also has 2 rear cameras of 16MP and 2MP. 2.36GHz octa core processor and kirin 659 as Soc. It has a fine display of 5.9 ( 1080 X 2160) . It has a satisfactory battery life with battery of 3340 mAh and has Android as it's operating system. Rs 14,999 is its market price. 

Samsung Galaxy J7 pro 

Samsung , who previously had hold of smartphone market in the perspective of cameras, is now not in a dominant position as of before. Yet it's model. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Has still left a mark in the selfie smartphone market. It has a front camera of 13MP and a rear camera of 13MP. 1.6GHz octa core processor and exynos 7870 as it's Soc. A display of 5.5 (1080X1920) and sustainable battery life with a battery of 3600 mAh. It is provided with a RAM of 3 GB and a storage of 64 GB. Its market price is Rs 12,990. 

Xiaomi Redmi Y 1 

This model of Xiaomi has a front selfie camera of 16MP nd a rear camera of 13MP. Fine screen display of 5.5 (720x1280) and its operating system is android. It has a processor of 1.4GHz octacore processor and a qualcomm snapdragon 438 as its Soc. The only drawback is its ordinary memory and storage of 3 GB and 32 GB respectively. The main advantage is that it is cheaper than other phones in the list with a market value of Rs 8,999. 

Thus we find that the Oppo and Vivo models are ruling the selfie markets in addition to it are some superior models from Samsung , Honor and Xiaomi.