School is the only place, where we came in crying on the first day as well as left crying on the last day. The only difference is , on the first day we cried for not coming to this place and last day we cried for not leaving this place (especially the people ). Travelling back through the memory lane , I clearly remember the day 7th february,2016 , which was our farewell day. The girls came in brightly coloured sarees while the boys came in suited up. As our teachers called up our names to collect our momento on this auspicious day , I recalled all the events of the roller coaster ride which people call as the school life.

Though I lived in Khardah (an area on the outskirts of kolkata ) yet I used to spent half of the day in Barrackpore. St.Augustine's Day School , Barrackpore, my alma mater ,is located in the Barrackpore cantonment area on the riverside road. Being an alumni of one of the renowned schools in Barrackpore as well as in Kolkata is something to be proud of . Our school was known for its achievements by its students in the fields of academics, co curricular activities and sports.

Whenever I am asked about my most eventful days as an Augustinian, they always get a common answer- the school fests . My school had contributed a lot in inculcating and nourishing my cultural aspect especially music. We went to different school fests and competed in different musical events. The most important point is that we enjoyed every moment as if there was no tomorrow. There was an aura of invincible spirit around us. Meeting new people and representing our talent on big platforms really made our life as Augustinian special.

Like any other student , the reccess time also played an important role in our school life . Meeting our friends in other sections of the class, playing out under the sun and lastly, sharing the tiffin made the recess time precious. Punishments , also constituted a greater part of our school life. Being rebuked by teachers and those punishments now seems to be more desirable than the hectic college schedule.

This fairytale life came to an end as we one day came out from the examination hall giving our last exam , unaware that this is the last time we are dawning our uniforms . That day as we put off our dusty uniforms we never wore them back. Thus demarkating the end of our school life.