According to Oxford dictionary, meaning of ant is-

It is a small insect typically having a sting and living in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens. It is wingless except for fertile adults.

Family Formicidae

Order Hymenoptera

Several subfamilies

Kinds of ants which live in a colony are queen, female workers, and males. The queen ant as well as the male ants has wings, while the workers do not have wings. Only queen can lay eggs. The job of the male ant is to mate with future queen ants. Ant colony may have one queen or many queens depending on their species.

Some facts about ants

  • There are approximately 12,000 species of ants all over the world.

  • Ants can be found everywhere except Antarctica.

  • Carpenter ants and fire ants which can cause harm or problem to human.

  • Ants get attracted to sugar as it is easy source of energy.

  • They do play an important role in decomposition of organic matter.

  • They help to aerate soil which promote healthy farm.

  • Ants do have feelings/emotions but not like human beings such as love or anger. They approach things which are pleasant and avoid unpleasant things.

  • Queen ants can live for many years- up to 30 years.

  • Queen ant can have millions of babies.

  • Ants have brain. It contains about 250000 neurons.

  • Ants hear by feeling vibrations in the ground with the help of their feet.

  • Eyes of ants perform similar function as that of human eye- collects visual information.

  • Ants have digestive system. It is similar to vertebrates. They also have crops which are used to hold the food while transporting.

  • Ants leave a pheromone so that they know where they have been.

  • It is able to lift 20 times of its own body weight.

  • Ants do sleep. They have a cyclical pattern of resting period. They took rest about 8 minutes in 12 hours.

  • After the queen of the colony dies, the colony cannot survive more than few months. Queens are seldom replaced.

  • They are social insects and do live in large groups or colonies.

  • Colonies of ants consist of millions of ants.

Like human beings ants take oxygen and leaves carbon dioxide. It occurs through tiny holes.