It's 3:00
And the city's asleep;
Unaware of my existence
The crowd sleeps.

I'm awake with a cigarette in my hand
On the terrace, listening to my favourite band
When I see the silhouette of a man
Sitting in his balcony
His face, resting on his hands
Hiding the pain-
Burying his darkest fears,
Choking in the dark,
Drowning in his own tears;
Another man appears from the dark.
Sitting down facing him
He holds him,
Draws him close and kisses his forehead.

A tear rolls down my eye
My lips form a small curve
I inhale a deep breath.

It's 3:15
And the city's asleep;
Unaware of our existence
The crowd sleeps.

I see them conversing
One's head on the other's shoulder
The other strokes his arm as the night's getting colder.
For a moment or so
I look away
I want you next to me
And love me the same way.
I close my eyes.
Taking a deep puff,
I ask myself:
"Why did you not stay long enough?"
Pinning my head to the wall,
I purse my lips and wish I were dead.

Another tear rolls down my eye
A pain lits up in my heart
I exhale a deep breath.

It's 3:30
And the city's asleep;
Unaware of our existence
The crowd sleeps.

I look at them again.
My heart still aches in pain
And the agony of losing you heightens.
As they kiss and hold each other's hands,
I remember us.
How I used to play with your hair
And you used to complain about me piling up all my clothes on the chair.
Why did you have to leave me in this dark world
Where people like us are still stoned to death.
I'm tired of trying to move on.
I'm sorry, I just can't
I can't keep this promise any more
I wish you were here and I could just caress your head.

Tears roll down my eyes
I wish for my last breath.



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Dwaipayan Banerjee  •  1y  •  Reply
Just amazing thought and writing. Great job done dear. Keep it up