Time is valuable.2 decades are looking forward to say bye-bye.Once upon a time the main topic in all essay competitions and elocution was VISION 2020.But now there are only less months to reach the targets of 2020.Business magnets, philanthropist ,environmentalist, have a huge expectations and certain targets on future.

Estimation of 2050

  • Population:

9.8 billion

  • Urbanisation:

70% of the population are going to live in cities

  • Electricity demand:

45 million new consumers

  • Buildings:

3.5 times more buildings with air conditioners

  • Climate change:

Greenhouse gas will be 50% higher

  • Health problems:

Increase in heat strokes, infectious diseases

  • Forests:

1/7 of rainwater forests will disappear

  • Pollution:

Death rate will be increased by 4million.

  • Waste:

22.3 billion tons will increase

Target of 2050:

  • People,instead of seeing their watches should look into calenders

  • 9billion people should live well in planet

  • Sustainable world should be developed by mid century

  • Business as auto pilot mode

  • Social tensions and environmental impacts

  • Doubling agriculture output without increasing amount of land or water used

  • Reduce carbon-dioxide

  • Decarbonisation, reduce carbon intensity to 0.15kg co2/kwh

India's target:

  • Solution to Kashmir and north-east problem

  • Religion feelings get diminished with increase in emotions and intelligence

  • Better public transport

  • English should be a better common bridge

  • Technology replacing corruption

  • Using IOT and AI ,we can meet world needs for air solutions by safe and healthy air environment

Our future generation has a beautiful world to look into as well as a world with full of problems to solve.

Future is mirror of past.Its time to show our unity to make the planet useful to future