It is the action of refusing , delaying, postponing something.An avoidance of doing a task that needs to completed by a certain deadline.PRO means forward.CRASTINUS means till next day.Its a known friend to all. We set many dreams and goals in life but all get erased in fraction of seconds because of this disease.A disease which does have any cure.

The tasks which get affected by procastination are attending an appointment,submitting a research paper, writing an assignment,discussing and sharing our feelings, problems with dear ones and many things.For some people it matters from brushing teeth to giving a presentation.The main features of this is postponement and irrationality.

The process of a task starts with many goals,dreams,and motivational quotes. But the flow comes along with postponing .The outcomes of procastination is depression, low self-esteem,guilt and incomplete tasks

This job is very risky.We think we are lucky .But luck is only 1%.99% we should suffer by the result in progress report.It is common in both western and non-western countries.Procastinators include counterfactuality, distraction, avoidance,deniel and trivalization,mocking.90% of college students are procastinators.The main perfect cause of procastination is perfectionism. Not only human beings pigeons also have this.

How to avoid procastination

1.Get enough sleep

2.Set a deadline

3.Prepare to-do list

4.Segregate your work into small steps.

5.Self motivation

Procastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.