For some students,maths stands top in critical subjects list.But some students see life in maths. In our present world, the use of maths is increasing its high in every field. Some of the applications are:

  • Maps of Earth:

Network of weather station satellites,and world largest supercomputers

  • MRI scanners:

3D figures estimated by 2D snapshots from different direction

Banking: Virtual goods are calculated from derivatives of commodities like gold or oil.Black Scholes equation,a partial differential equation are used to find this.

  • Internet and phone:

Queuing theory and Poisson process are used. When a call or request is sent to a website, network operators have to find way to find a way to connect senders and receivers.

  • Cosmology:

Mathematical equations can model evolution of universe. For example,Big Bang theory.Friedmann equation is used.

  • Climate change:

Differential equations and thermodynamics are used to calculate melting of glaciers.

  • Satellite Navigation:

The GPS system can calculate how far away the satellite are.Kerr metric is used.

  • Digital Music:

Mathematical Fourier transform allows to split a complex sound wave into many simple sine waves with different frequencies.

  • Exercise.Health, fitness:

It is used to calculate BMI.

  • Outdoor landscaping:

Finding volume,no.of bags, weight of soil needed, no.of trips, total price.

The importance of common subjects in maths:


Classic work,rate problems

  • Trigonometry:

To find distances.

  • Differentiation:

Automobile,radar guns, business,graph,heat flow in geology.

  • Integration:

Area under curves,volumes of revolution.

More applications:

  • Neurology

  • Search Engine

  • Robotics

  • Speech Recognition

  • Football scoring

Maths may not teach us how to love, or how to hate,but it goes hope that every problem has a solution