How would YOUR perfect day look like?
People usually know what-what they don't want in their day, but do we know what we really want in it?

We start our day hoping that it'll go amazing and maybe even perfect. But then after snoozing, attending meetings, eating junk, we realize that once again we have not exercised and forgot to engage with friends and family. We stay up late and hope that we remain productive every day but we only end up watching tv and handling our social media accounts before going to sleep and starting all over again.

But We Can Do Better.
Believe it or not, we always get that opportunity to get more work done or to be more productive. But as human psychology goes we always tend to walk on the easier path and end up spending our time doing leisure.

BUT we can fix our days,
Today is a beautiful day and tomorrow can be beautiful too if you decide to be you and set some norms to make it a perfect one.

Here are some tips you can follow:

Before the day even starts have it planned in your mind and visualise the beautiful morning with- You going on a morning walk or exercising. If you really do that you'll feel that it's truly powerful, it'll keep you fresh all day and you'll be filled with positivity.

Make sure to jot down a To-Do list containing all the tasks you want to accomplish in a single day. The immense confidence and pleasure it provides when you tick that box after the completion of the task in incomparable plus it helps you to prioritise your responsibililities.

The perfect end to a perfect day should be spending quality time with your family and friends.

With these points in consideration.We all have those day where everything seems to go wrong—people are annoying you and you just want to crawl under a rock and never emerge again! Well, what if I told you there was a way to create a perfect day? You wouldn’t believe me, would you? Well, not only am I going to share with you how to make your day perfect, but also how to have a perfect day even if things go wrong

Instead of waking up and immediately thinking about going to work or the daunting, stressful day you will have, begin your wake-up routine in quiet time. One way to do this can be by meditating or just spending a few moments in asking the universe for guidance and strength. Think of a few moments that bring you joy and just say thank you that you are alive and well. There is nothing complicated involved, but this will have a great impact on the kind of day you will have.

Allowing yourself to be present means you are not thinking about the future, possibly getting yourself worked up about what’s ahead, and you’re also not dwelling on past events that leave you feeling deflated. There is only one moment in time, and that is the present, so by only focusing on the here and now, you will feel more energy, calmness, focus and pea

Quit putting limits on yourself by doing the best you can in all that you do. (Being present helps too!) Don’t get caught up by comparing yourself to others either; you are an individual and YOUR best is good enough. Give yourself credit for what you do. There is no need to overdo things to make yourself feel better. Do your best and do enough for today.