Colors: It's Importance In Our Life

Saurabh Kulkarni
Jun 08, 2019   •  1 view

As we grow, a number of times we do not realize how little things matter in our lives. From the beautiful butterfly that would keep us hooked for hours to seeing the sun rise to its glory, from the tall trees of the Himachal to viewing the rainbow on a rainy day, all these moments have one thing in common- Colours. Very often we do not remember the importance that it plays in our life. Everything we see with our naked eyes is nothing but a mix of different shades to form a new colour. While, of course, it is a joke on the internet how women can find differences in the colour Pink, It is intriguing to realize that there is no end to it!


Universally accepted as a sign to stop due to traffic signals, red is considered a warm colour. Full on energy and life, it also talks of love. Usually, brands that are associated with affection and intimacy use it on their logo due to this attachment. Archies is a great example of the use of red to build a perception of the brand in the minds of its customers as well as passers-by.


Another warm colour which signifies happiness, yellow has been long associated with optimistic behaviour. It is this reason that supports our shiny yellow dresses mood on a gloomy day. It is believed to automatically lift up moods.McDonald’s, the fast-food giant is one great example when we mention yellow. They mixed it with red, the shade of love and thus were able to hit on the subconscious mind of the consumers. Also, yellow being bright can be noticed from a distance.


The colour of the sky, blue has always been associated with calmness. Moving into a room with blue paint seems to promote a feeling of relaxation however it often can also be related to sadness, like how we define feeling unhappy as feeling blue. Trust and dependability is another attribute of it which is why usually retail stores or brands that demand such values use Blue.


The reason why the hills or the forest have been the most preferred location for meditation is due to the colour green, which makes your body go in a state of tranquility. Traditionally, the colour green has been associated with growth and harmony.


Usually used as a sign of peace, the colour white evokes a feeling of innocence, goodness and purity. Since it is related to positivity, it is often considered the colour of perfection.

While colours do have a huge immense on all individuals, it is important to however note that everyone experiences it differently and none of them has had strict rules on how exactly should a human feel about it. Nothing is specific to any emotions however what is definite is the impact it hason idividual