Do Engineering Really Worth It ?

Saurabh Jangid
Aug 03, 2019   •  8 views

Engineering is one of the most rewarding, if challenging, career choices out there.

Becoming an engineer is one of themost rewarding if stressful, career choices a person can make. Whilst it will be a harsh and long road, most qualified engineers have never looked back.

There are very few other careers someone can choose that can match engineeringfor being both intellectually challenging and rewarding at the same time. It won't be a walk in the park, by no stretch of the imagination, but asTheodore Rooseveltonce said: "nothing worth having comes easy."

Is engineering a good career?

Engineering has historically been one of the highest paying careers anyone can pursue. In manypolls and surveys, engineering-related jobs still command some of the highest incomes of all.

Some industries, like mining, construction, and manufacturing, according to theU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are currently enjoying a period of strong growth for engineers. As of 2016,415,000positions were added to the healthcare industry alone.

Engineering graduates,unlike many others, can look forward to very good career prospects following completion of their undergraduate studies.

We live in a rapidly changing world of engineering and design. Everything that we see, touch, use has had some form of contact with some engineering career. With this ever-changing world around us, there is an unlimited chance for growth and development and salary increases within our different engineering careers as long as you stay current within your areas of expertise.”

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