Here are three worthy though under-rated anime I want to bring to your attention.

1. Ajin: Demi-Human

Ajin is an action-packed supernatural anime with strong and gripping characters. The story follows a high-school student named Kei Nagai who learns, after a traffic accident, that he is immortal, that is, an Ajin.

There are many Ajins all around the globe but apparently, the government is capturing Ajins to use them as subjects for cruel and inhumane experiments. The antagonist of the story, Satou, is one of the most badass characters. He forms an armed rebellious group of Ajins to take over Japan and Kei must choose a side. This anime is not popular among many because of its 3d animation. Overall the animation is pretty smooth and over a few episodes, you can get familiar to it. Ajin has 2 seasons aired with a live-action movie released in 2017. You shouldn't be sleeping on this anime just because of its animation because Satou is too freaking cool!

2. Banana Fish

Banana Fish is a true masterpiece. It has a great plot, amazing characters and beautiful soundtracks.

This series follows Ash Lynx, a teenage gang leader in the NewYork City. As a kid, Ash was taken by Dino Golzine, a mafia leader, and was sexually and mentally tortured by him until he ran away. With a brutal past, Ash tries to bring down Dino Golzine who is responsible for his brother's death by a drug named banana fish. Ash soon meets Eiji Okumura who shows him a life without guns and crimes. The story also focuses on male sexual assaults which need to be addressed in the present time. Banana Fish is a perfect blend of emotions, actions, friendship, and crime. This series will definitely leave you heartbroken but also mesmerized.

3. Death Parade

Death Parade is about life, death, and the darkness of the human heart. This series is so deep you'll start introspecting and being grateful that you've got a life. The series revolves around Decim, the bartender and arbiter of Quindecim. After death, humans are supposed to go to either heaven or hell. However for some, at the moment of their death, they arrive at the Quindecim. Decim challenges them to a Death Game, wherein they bet their lives and reveal their true natures. Decim then decides who goes to the void and who is reincarnated. This raises the series’ major questions: Is it right to judge people at their very worst and not at their best? What makes a person bad? Is there a truly bad person? Is there even a truly good person? What makes good people do bad things? Beautifully animated and with a unique setting, it builds a fantastical world and shows you the different human natures.

Thank You!!