Tricks to trick Google!!

If you are like me you probably use Google at least a ten times a day. It is crazy useful. What would you do without Google?

How did we ever find out how many feet are there in a meter or when the movie DDLJ was released?

Since we all Google so often, I would love to present you a few tips that will make your searching more effective and efficient…

Use a Minus to Remove not so important Words

Adding a minus sign or hyphen before a word would make Google omit all results that have that word.

Consider this: How to drive a car-motorcycle. This will only give us results on how to ride a bicycle and will eliminate anything that is related to motorcycle riding.

Use Quotes if you know the phrase

Adding quotes to your search phrase asks Google to only find web sites having the exact verse in that exact order.

Consider: “Sugar Candies”) This will only show results that say sugar candies so we don’t find any results about the cubes or marshmallow.

Can’t Remember a Word; Use an Asterisk

An asterisk makes a blank such that a word should be there but you don’t know what it is. This works great with lyrics.

Consider: the dark side of the * This should return the lyrics to the popular Kygo’s It Ain’t Me.

Colon for searching within a Specific Website

Usually, websites have a search bar but if it doesn’t you can always ask Google. Enter your needs supported by <site:> and then the URL of the website.

Example: bike This will yield results that contain bike but only from the Instructables website)

Some Maths may come handy

The geek within me craves this about Google. You can do any kind of math problems. Google can even use formulas to solve the surface or volume of shapes and things like that.

Take this: 25/ 5. This returns 5 as the answer.

Another one!!: circumference of a circle with 7 cms radius All the rest is taken by Google to give you 7pi or 43.98.

There are many more of such! Go make trials.