Words, Creating A True Garden

Oct 20, 2019   •  7 views

There is a little dilemma once I asked myself; what is a true Garden created by words? _ is it something of a creative mind, blooms in the surrounding of a garden; or something truly innovative for a change of pace in life through catalyst words!

I think the later one is symbolically more oppressive than before. Still it is nothing to the whole human metabolism which provides infinite types of expression. “The original expression is not something to be oppressed but to be expressed” – and how you are going to accept that expression is something totally up to you. You can be moved; you can be inspired; you can be helped but you can’t be dominated by that. And that is the meaning of “The Garden of Words.”

  •  An over-viewed garden where a boy is finding his path not only in academics but also in his passion and a girl is finding ways to settle down not only in life but also her true mind. Both are stumbling along the footsteps of eternity. But did you know what actually fate is; it is that time when they met into the Garden. Two, not having what is required, having it in others – that is what this fate is. Both are struggling, trying to get a little accelerator in their life. And it happened, the interaction between two polar beings, the exchange of some maestro, provides them with many lights of gradual choices. The so called garden is not a garden now; it becomes a human solace for them. There, they are the only inhabitants, connected by only words, forming a relationship that is beyond any mortal relationship. It is neither romantic nor dependable, filling their voids with the words of others, creating a manifesto of words that cannot expressed by any literature now. It is their life, itself, sonneteering their success in their own fields, that nature can only understood now. But here comes the hard part as they both served their purposes in each other’s life. Gradually comes the part of parting. It is only remained to express their beings to each other as soon as possible before leaving by something identical that can express its representation easily. “Love indeed: Love as is” – is the only thing that can explain any complex feelings into an understandable phenomenon. Yes they did and moved on in life but what is it? What is it that remains? That remains for us to indulge.

  • “The Garden of Words” by all means, a Garden soothing for all eternal beings; more expensive than any flower garden; more richer in its own aspects. It is this Garden that remains, providing us a thought for our solitary. “Are we going to be a solitary reaper of words also?” – is totally up to us.

Thank You For Reading. You can interpret it as a movie review or an innovative of your own.  This time it is short, I know but still please stay tuned for more.