The koala bears are not specifically the kind of bears but have looked similar to them. These are the extended categories of the kangaroos. Kangaroos are the pouched animals. These are so called because they carry their newborn up to six months in their pockets i.e. in their stomach lining so that they are completely matured. The similar is the case with the cute koalas, they too have a pocket to keep their little munchkins.

During these months they develop the ears and consume only mother’s milk in the diet. After getting out of the pouch they ride on their mother’s abdomen for the next few months, until fully mature. The grown-up koalas leave their homes when they are two or three years old. A single tree is never their home, they have houses ranging up to a bunch of trees. The baby koalas, most popularly known as the joeys, have a strong sensitivity to smell and touch. This can be because the baby koalas are blind and deaf when born.

God created these cute, adorable little toys with such a pleasure. He definitely has a little playable child in him. They are so furry and full of fun, which unquestionably creates a feeling of love for them. God made them so attractive, I’m a kind of jealous.

Koalas are basically natives of the northern and southern coastal areas of Australia.

Their buttoned eyes are engrossed with emotions and their endearing tiny nose is an Onyx gemstone.

Big male koalas carry a scent gland on their chest, which they smear on tree trunks to indicate their territory.

They enjoy climbing trees and even playing with humans. Their gray texture is never dull to the eyes.

Communication between the koalas is done by producing a loud snoring sound called as bellow.

Eucalyptus, a poisonous natured tree, has the capability of taking several human lives in just a go. But, Koalas are the only creatures who can consume theseleaves. A special digestive organ, known as ‘caecum' helps koalas munch the toxic eucalyptus leaves.

Koala babies grow 65-85 cms long and 14-15 kgs plump. Their routinely diet plan is quite heavy, i.e. approximately 1 kgs eucalyptus leaves a day.

Koalas have presently become the endangered mammals; they are even at a verge of extinction. Their population is decreasing at a rapid rate due to numerous reasons - diseases of eucalyptus trees, deforestation, human dangers, etc. Though various laws have been enacted to save these adorable species, stronger measures are yet to be taken to help the koalas grow.

Koalas have also perished due to the street dogs, which kill them barbarically for their food. At times, they are struck down by the rash drivers too.

As a whole, they are neither getting an adequate diet nor are they able to cope up with the natural food chain of this rapidly changing environment, and hence are on the edge of destruction.



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Koalas are actually the cutest beings on this planet 😍