“Dear Comrade”, A Clarion Call For Women To Speak Out

Sakthi Parameswaran
Jul 29, 2019   •  77 views

“DEAR COMRADE”, a Bharat Kamma film originally made in Telugu and dubbed in various languages likeTamil, Malayalam and Kannada, which stars Vijay Devarakonda as Bobby and Rashmika Mandanna as Lilly. The Hindi remake rights was acquired by Karan Johar. This film joins the blockbuster hits of Vijay Devarakonda, not just due to the presence of commercial elements of love and action in the film, but also because it passes down a great message of women voicing out boldly.

Bobby, an impulsive student union leader fights for the rights. Inspired by his grandfather, Bobby and his gang of friends call each other as ‘Comrade’, which usually means ‘ a fellow communist or socialist’. Bobby falls for Lilly, a State-level Cricket player. At the beginning of their love life, Lilly says Bobby that she is distracted as she always thinks about him. Bobby condemns it and asks her to concentrate in her game.

He also warns her that, “The day I become more important to you than cricket, will be your key moment in life”.

Bobby is not a selfish person but a caring lover who concerns more about his partner’s career than the happiness he gets in meeting and spending time with her. He proudly calls himself as her ‘Comrade’. Due to some reasons, Lilly who is not happy with Bobby’s impulsive behaviour and the frequent fights he gets into, opposes him and thus they get parted.

After three years they meet in a situation where Lilly is admitted in a psychiatric ward after she met with a road accident, as she is unable to cope up with her being rejected from the National selections for Indian Women Cricket Team. Bobby takes her on an adventurous trip, after which she gets recovered. Later Bobby learns from Lilly’s friend that she was sexually harassed by a senior selection officer and it was because of him Lilly is mentally weak and so she decides to quit cricket.

Bobby lodges a complaint against the officer, but Lilly refuses to sign the complaint, as she is scared of the consequences and also scared of her father who fears in losing the dignity in the society. Even though Bobby insists her, she could not come out of her fear zone. She refuses to speak up, even in front of the committee that was set up for the enquiry. She gathers her guts and speaks up against the officer and convicts him for sexually harassing.

The end speech given by Lilly makes every girl or woman think deeply. Lilly says that every girl needs a Comrade in her life, be it her brother or lover or her parents who always renders their support. 



A girl need not rely on any support system always, but should build the courage in her to speak out.