Paintings are always successful in drawing the attraction of people towards them. The pictures either deliver message or describe an incident.The art is not just limited to sheet and colours but it contains emotions, information and beauty. The beauty of the painting itself speaks how beautiful it is. The art piece is a marvel in itself.

From the ancient time, people are crazy for paintings. The cave and rock paintings of Bhimbetka are witness. Not only this but potraits often steal the hearts. Painting is the expression of thoughts represented with the help of colours.

Let's take a view to awesome paintings of ancient India.....

Cave paintings were made during paleolithic age.
1.Cave paintings of Bhimbetka: These cave paintings made Bhimbetka an evergreen tourist place.

2.Cave paintings of Ajanta


Madhubani painting were first created in a small village, named Maithili, of Bihar,India. In the beginning, the women folk of the village drew the art work on the walls and pillars of their house, as an demonstration of their thinking, expectations and dreams. As the time passed, the paintings began a part of festivities and events like marriage.


It Originated in Rajasthan, Phad is a kind of scroll painting showing ancient and religious deities Pabuji or Devnarayan. The Phad is 30- or 15 feet-long canvas. Vegetable colours and how life goes with heroic deeds of folk deities characterise these paintings.


It was first created by the Warli tribes from the region of Western Ghat in India. It is mainly the use of shapes to depict daily life activities like hunting, events, dance, fishing and more.This is easily one of the oldest art forms of India.

Cheriyal Scrolls

Originating in Telangana, dying art is practised by the "Nakashi family" only. It was result of their art and imagination. The tradition of long scrolls and Kalamkari art influenced the Cheriyal scrolls, a much more stylised version of Nakashi art. The tradition of long scrolls and Kalamkari art inspired by the Cheriyal scrolls, new version of Nakashi art it was. They show new times comic, with about 50 drawn on each scroll.


It is a cloth based scroll painting done in Odisha and West Bengal. Originating from the 5th CE in religious centres like Puri and Konark. The specilaity of this art is that the dress style demonstarted in the paintings have heavy impact of the Mughal's rule. These paintings with sharp, bold lines depict Gods and Goddesses.

Paintings in Modern India

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

1.Everybody knows about Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu) as one of the greatest freedom fighters the world has ever seen. But he was inspiration for painting for many. The Nandalal Bose, an artist of Shantiniketan during the life span Gandhi ji, had revealed that Gandhi ji was an inspiration for all artists at that time in the world.

2.Jamini Roy was the famous Bengali artist who is named as the early modernist artist of India. She created a masterpiece when and painted three almond-eyed priestesses for work named them as "Three Pujarins".

3.Maqbool Fida Husain was famous artist and remained an artist till the date. One of India’s most prolific painters, presented the lively and free spirit of horses in many of his works. This painting of three horses through bold outlines that define the strong beasts in full gallop. This masterpiece by the maestro captures the power and energy of supreme horses.

4.The artist Nicholas Roerichwhile painted Krishna (Spring in Kullu). The painting is on permanent display at Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York. It has Krishna playing flute and snowy mountains in background.

5.The Syed Haider Razanever represented the art of zeroes and bindu's in his art ot the Shunyas. The image in the custom thumbnail is the painting drawn using circles.

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