Summer is right here and we all are excited. It marks the ending of an academic year and beginning of those long made vacations plans. A season of colour and style, however, summer also restricts us from wearing a lot many things that we usually wear. So chill, have a lemonade and take these styling tips for that perfect summer!

Go over the size?

The looser, the better. The less fabric you have actually touching your body, the more comfortable you will feel. A flowy maxi dress will always keep you cooler in summer.

Sonam's striped maxi gives the feel of positive vibes. Instead of stripes kyou can go for other prints also like polka dots, florals, semi printed and many more.

If you want to avoid sleeveless, then carry a shrug and enjoy the summer!

Ditch the denim

Instead of denim shorts, go for cotton shorts with loose top. Because, cotton helps your skin to breathe properly, keeping you cool and sweat free throughout the day.

This is not for beaches but also for casual summer outfits. To look chic yet stylish, you can pair up your shorts with a matching cut sleeves jacket, just like the model in the picture given below.

Add a funky look to your outfit with small pendant and loop earrings.

Layer with open net or weave knits

You can also layer up your knits top with your bralette. Go for this look. I am 100% sure you gonna love it!

Go Natural!

Natural fabrics are more breathable than artificial fabric like satin, rayon, etc. These fabrics will keep you cool from inside and you can enjoy your summer as well.

For example, cotton is a natural fabric and is more breathable than artificial fabric. Cotton fabrics absorbs sweat faster and keep you cool in summer.

Wear patterns over embellishments

Avoid Embellishments- particularly heavy one like beads or metals because it makes the garments heavy and make you feel uncomfortable in summer. Try wearing patterned garments or prints.

Carry small bags

Take the opportunity to clean out your bag and get back to basics, since the less stuff you carry around, the less you will exert yourself, and the less sweaty you will feel as a result. Carry a small bag pack with your outfit like hand clutch or small bag.

A scarf a day,keeps the heat away!

A small cotton scarf is great for absorbing sweat, whether you use it to tie up your hair or wear it around your neck with your hair down.

You can carry different varieties of scarves according to your outfit. Try contrasting colors of scarf to your outfit. Try this and bring the best out of you this summer!

Sleeves are your friends!

Yes, this summer try to cover yourself with sleeves and keep yourself cool as well. Direct sunlight not only damages your skin, but it raises your body temperature. Sleeves are the weapons for this summer to protect you from.

The lights will guide you home

I know, I know, it was cheesy but who cares? It's summer! Like you need everything cool, you need to wear cool colours too. Light colours don't absorb heat and is a perfect wear for summer. You can wear colours like baby pink, powder pink, light green, icy blue, etc. It will not only keep you cool but you will feel fresh too.

So what are you waiting for?! Grab that hat and hit the beach!