A fashion stylist is an important part of the fashion industry. It is the stylist only who re-creates, re-modified and brings up the same old look to the new look to the glamour world.

By creating and combining different styles and ideas, the stylist comes up with the mind-blowing fashionable views.

Confused? What to wear? when to wear? How to wear? Makeup? Hairdo? everything. Let's not to be. Stylist job is to do the makeover of a person. To bring the best out of you, stylist knows perfectly.

They are the image advisor, from the outfits to the footwear.
Stylists are some of the most influential people working within the fashion industry, responsible for the final shape of many exciting works in popular culture.

A fashion stylist career provides exciting opportunities to share their talent for style to a variety of interested people. The only

qualification that a starting fashion stylist is going to need is:
bags of enthusiasm, the full understanding of fashion, color, style, and
body language.
Good fashion stylist, or how some call them to image consulters, know how to accentuate the positivity attributes of the people they dress.

Choosing the right outfit to flatters someone- in a way that is
appropriate for each event- is an art.
Working as a fashion stylist is interesting as well as a hectic job.
You have to not only take care of proper outfits but you have to take care of so many other small things too.

Like -
1) Firstly, you have to be confident enough because you have to convince your clients too.
2) You have to take care of the outfits, according to the shape of the client's body, tone and which occasion they want to wear.

3) You have to make everything possible according to the budget plan what client's demands.
4) You have to work according to the theme.
5) Take care of proper makeup, hairstyle, footwear, and most importantly, of course, the outfit.
6) If photoshoot required, you have to arrange everything like lights, cameras, proper props and background according to the theme and outfit.

So these are the points every stylist should keep in mind. I had an experienced of one week as a stylist. Trust me, being stylish is very interesting. You will enjoy like hell but at the same time, you have to take care of each and everything from clips to footwear.